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Minerals Isogate® Valve Range

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Uniquely designed for easy maintenance and low total ownership cost, our Isogate® valve range is the proven choice for highly abrasive slurry applications. Today, Weir Minerals offers one of the world’s widest selections of slurry valves on the market. With valve experts on six continents, and decades of experience behind them, Weir Minerals delivers unparalleled product quality and service to our customers worldwide. Versatile and reliable Weir Minerals is a world leader in the design and manufacture of pumps, hydrocyclones, hose, slurry valves, screens, mill liners, crushers, and rubber...

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Isogate® Knife Gate Valves Heavy duty knife gate valves for abrasive and corrosive applications Isogate® slurry knife gate valves are engineered to provide reliable on-off flow control service in tough, abrasive and corrosive applications. They are designed to deliver reliability and long service life in these severe service flow applications. Design features • Two-piece elastomer sleeve design protects flow areas against corrosion • lastomer sleeves are easily replaced in E the field without disassembling the valve • i-directional 100% bubble tight shut-off B • ackingless design - no gate...

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High pressure Isogate® WH/WHP series valve Wafer style Isogate® WS series valve Wide body Isogate® WB series valve The Isogate® WH and WHP series high pressure slurry knife gate valves are designed to provide reliable service in tough, abrasive and high pressure slurry applications. Sizes range from 80mm (3") to 900mm (36"), operating to a maximum pressure of 5100kPa (740psi). Isogate® WH valve pictured below (with optional gate guard). The Isogate® WS series wafer-style slurry knife gate valve’s unique design provides reliable service, ease of maintenance, and long term performance. Sizes...

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Isogate® WR Series Lightweight sturdy knife gate valves for abrasive process flow conditions The Isogate® WR knife gate valve is designed to ensure longer wear life and increased reliability for multiple industries. An improved gate guide reduces gate deflection and stress on the downstream side of the sleeve. The lightweight sturdy valve body is made from our Linard® HD60 premium rubber which allows for easy change-out of sleeves. Design features • Robust construction ensures long service life • Two-piece Linard® HD60 rubber sleeve design with integral load distribution ring reduces...

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Materials • Body: Cast ductile iron as standard • ate: 304 stainless steel as standard, 316 G stainless steel is also available • ther materials such as 17-4PH O Hastelloy™ C-276, alloy 2205 are also available • Sleeves: Linard® HD60 rubber • Yoke: Carbon steel The resilient rubber for tough applications Linard® HD60 rubber is a silica-reinforced natural rubber product uniquely designed to provide high resilience with good cut, tear and abrasion resistance. When developing our Linard® HD60 rubber we specifically set out to produce a rubber that retains the natural strength and nerve of...

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Isogate® Mechanical Pinch Valves Specifically designed for highly abrasive, flow control applications in liquid-solids slurry and gas-solids The Isogate® mechanical pinch (MP) valve series is designed to provide effective control of abrasive and corrosive flow in industrial process systems. The double acting pinch mechanism closes the pinch sleeve along the valve centerline to maximise control of the process flow and minimise wear damage to the sleeve liner. Design features • T he compact short length design features integral end flange gaskets on the pinch sleeves designed to ensure tight...

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Isogate® Pneumatic Pinch Valves Designed for on/off control of difficult process flow The Isogate® pneumatic pinch (PP) valve series is designed to control abrasive and corrosive flowing media in industrial process systems. They are ideal for remote operations using typical plant air, and do not require auxiliary cylinder actuators. Design features • B i-directional shut-off and can be operated in any pipeline position • T he robust cast metal body contains the pneumatic/hydraulic supply pressure, encloses and protects the pinch sleeve, and provides secondary process containment • C enter...

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Isogate® Check Valves The Isogate® RF series check valve, designed for reverse flow prevention in harsh, abrasive applications The single non-return Isogate® RF series check valve is specifically designed for reverse flow prevention for harsh, highly abrasive applications in slurry services. Design features • R obust cast metal bodies • D rip tight shut-off • F ull bore design with low friction loss and high flow capacity • T he replaceable moulded rubber liners and disc are held in place by the body fasteners - no adhesives are required Above: Flow pattern through open and closed Isogate®...

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Isogate® Check Valves The Isogate® Autoball™ AB3 valve, designed for reliability in the toughest slurry applications The Autoball™ AB3 valve is specially designed to enable quick changeover between duty and standby pumps in the toughest slurry applications. Design features • N o metal components exposed to slurry • E fficient pump change-over • E xcellent abrasion resistance • Automatic activation • R eplaceable ball seats and rails for fast and efficient maintenance • L ess space required than complicated control system • S tainless steel fasteners Above: When the active pump starts, the...

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Our sleeves and liners are designed to provide long lasting abrasion resistance for your application. Replacement sleeves, featuring Linatex® premium rubber, fit most mechanical and pneumatic pinch valves and are designed to last longer and perform better than other OEM valve sleeves. Design features • A vailable in neoprene, EPDM and other natural and synthetic rubbers • C an be supplied with plain, integral flange, stub, or beaded end configurations • U niform liner thickness and Linatex® premium natural rubber designed to provide long wear life • M anufactured with high strength nylon...

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