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A new era in separation technology The Cavex® 2 hydrocyclone marks a new era in separation technology. Its LIG+™ advanced laminar spiral inlet together with the size of the feed chamber reduces turbulence and allows the hydrocyclone to classify up to 30% more feed slurry, while occupying the same footprint as the original Cavex® or competitor cyclones. This enhanced performance is unmatched by any known hydrocyclone in operation today. Our Cavex® 2 hydrocyclone has been trialled with our customers in various applications across the globe. The positive results from these trials provide us...

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Introducing LIG+™ Cavex® 2 features the new LIG+™ inlet and chamber design (patent pending), which provides a range of benefits for the operator. • A further reduction in turbulence • Up to 30% more capacity • Better separation efficiency • Superior sustainability opportunities Cavex® hydrocyclones set the industry benchmark when they were first introduced over 20 years ago. The unique Cavex® 360° laminar spiral inlet geometry was created to carefully guide slurry into the feed chamber to deliver a significant reduction in turbulence. Turbulence is a result of abrupt changes to the slurry’s...

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Synertrex® enabled Engineered for the future mine, the performance of our Cavex® 2 hydrocyclone is enhanced by Weir’s proprietary Synertrex® IIoT technology. This intelligent technology strengthens the overall performance of the hydrocyclone and enables it to continually operate at its optimum level. To minimise the amount of bypass that is produced in any hydrocyclone, it is favourable for it to operate in the semi-roping condition. This is often difficult to do continuously because any upset in the hydrocyclone’s feed conditions could move it into the roping condition. Our intelligent...

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Get more from your mine Up to 30% additional capacity Separation efficiency The revolutionary LIG+™ design provides up to 30% more capacity. This enables operators to increase throughput with fewer hydrocyclones in the cluster, reducing upfront capital investment. In addition to our LIG+™ technology, the improved design of the shape, angle and proportions of the Cavex® 2 ensures that particles report to the correct stream, improving the overall separation efficiency. Cavex® 2 hydrocyclones can be easily retrofitted into cluster installations allowing existing cyclone installations to take...

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