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Minerals Accumin™ Automatic Lubricators

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Harnessing cutting-edge technology to deliver improved pump lubrication and maintenance efficiency. The key to ensuring your Warman® centrifugal slurry pump is maintained to the best possible standard is an automatic Accumin™ lubricator. Accumin™ lubricators automatically deliver even, measured lubricant to the vital points of your Warman® pump. This results in enhanced availability and durability. Accumin™ lubricators are designed to ensure the correct lubricant dosage is safely applied on a consistent basis. This reduces the need for manual labour and helps to prevent unplanned downtime....

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Accumin™ lubricators are available in premium or standard grease types ensuring maximum flexibility. Accumin™ premium lubricant Accumin™ standard lubricant • premium lithium-complex thickened A grease with a synthetic lubricating fluid recommended for arduous duties. Provides superior resistance to the degradation of lubrication property and ensures its extended service life. • high-quality, lithium-complex A thickened grease recommended for use in harsh conditions. • ully compatible with the lithium-based F greases, Accumin™ premium can be used in existing pumps without needing to replace...

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Reliability and productivity The benefits of applying small amounts of grease at short-time intervals to your equipment include increased reliability and productivity. Accumin™ lubricators can be supplied with specific lubricants suitable for equipment such as electric motors, centrifuges, mechanical seals, and conveyor pulley bearings. For higher-speed pump applications and electric motors, the addition of small amounts of grease at short-time intervals is particularly beneficial in helping to prevent over-lubrication which can occur if large amounts of grease are quickly introduced to the...

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Accumin™ Lubricator 125 A self-contained waterproof system with a simple-to-use rotating dial setting system, and clearly visible grease lubricant piston. The fully assembled Accumin™ lubricator 125 is ready to use straight out of the box. Once set, the self-contained unit supplies a continuous level of fresh lubricant directly to the lubrication point. It is dustproof and waterproof (IP68), making it ideal for use in harsh operating conditions. Key features • The 125cm3 capacity canister has an electronically controlled gas generation system that can be set to a time period between one and...

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Technical Data - Accumin™ Lubricator 125 Lubricant volume Drive type Gas generation cell - single use Power supply Discharge period Operating temperature Protection class Remote installations

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Accumin™ Lubricator 120 & Accumin™ Lubricator 250 Featuring an electro-mechanical drive for precise grease delivery, display screen and LED system for immediate status recognition. Both the Accumin™ lubricator 120 and 250 include a replaceable lubricant cartridge fitted to a reusable drive unit. The electromechanically driven lubricator dispenses a consistent dosage of lubricant, regardless of ambient temperature. Maintenance of the Accumin™ lubrication system has been made as simple as possible. The status of the lubricator can be determined by the LCD display, flashing LED alert system,...

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Technical Data - Accumin™ Lubricator 120 and 250 Lubricant volume Drive type Electromechanical - reusable Power supply Accumin™ alkaline battery pack 4.5V Discharge period Operating temperature Protection class Remote installations * Operation down to -40ºC is possible with special lubricant selection and a special lithium battery opti

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Accumin™ Lubricator 500 Designed for larger applications with higher grease rate demand. The reusable electro-mechanical drive unit of the Accumin™ lubricator 500 dispenses a consistent dosage of lubricant from the replaceable cartridge at set periods. A combination of smart features makes it easy to check the status of the Accumin™ lubricator 500. A transparent lubricant cartridge, flashing LED alert system and LCD screen displaying the status (run, purge, empty, etc) of the lubricator are clearly visible to the maintenance personnel on site. The light system utilises red and green LEDs to...

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Technical Data - Accumin™ Lubricator 500 Lubricant volume Drive type Electromechanical - reusable Power supply Accumin™ alkaline battery pack 4.5V Discharge period Operating temp Protection class Remote installations

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Accumin™ Lubricator Installation Kits Versatile and easy-to-use, providing protection in harsh operating conditions. Accumin™ mounting kits come with all necessary fittings to fit up any Warman® pump. 2-point heavy-duty C-section bracket The Accumin™ lubricator installation kits include lubricator covers and manual purge kits for each lubrication point. They also include a range of commonly required fittings and high quality 3/8” internal diameter hose with push-lock-type swivel hose end fittings. Support flange for Accumin™ lubricator A range of installation kits is available. Accumin™...

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Accumin™ Lubricator Standard Parts MODEL LUBRICATOR CANISTERS MOUNTING KITS (only sold in boxes of 10) Standard (Mobilgrease XHP™ 222) Premium (Mobilith SHC™ 220)

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Accumin™ Lubricator Spares Sets For convenience of stock holding and inventory management, mounting kit spares are sold in sets and are available for all sizes. Below is a selection of spares sets for the AccuminTM lubricator 250 mounting kit. For details, please contact your Weir Minerals representative. Bracket Spares Set for Accumin™ Lubricator 250E 2-point Installation Kit Part number: WA250E-K2BS ITEM Bracket 2 point C-section Support flange for Accumin™ Lubricator 250 1/4" BSP Cover clip for heavy duty lubricator cover MATERIAL 304 SS Glass-filled nylon with brass insert Plastic Heavy...

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Hose Spares for Accumin™ Lubricator 2-point Installation Kits Part number: WA-K2HS ITEM Hose single synthetic braid 3/8" ID Hose tail 3/8" ID hose - 9/16" JIC F swivel Spiral hose guard nominal 25mm diameter Mild Steel Polyethylene Beam Clamp Spares Set for Accumin™ Lubricator 250E / 500E Installation Kit 4 Part number: WAE-BCS ITEM Hexagon socket screw ISO 4762 M10x16 Beam clamp 65mm base Screw for beam clamp M10x75 Replacement Accumin™ Lubricator Drive Units Part number: WA250E ITEM 1 Accumin™ lubricator 250E drive MATERIAL Variou

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