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The Whole World of Electrical Connection Technology

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Weidmller This name stands for highly sophisticated know-how in electricalconnection technology. In order to successfully compete within chosen markets and to meet the growing demands of customers, you need a partner to rely on. A partner who is dedicated and has the relevant know-how to solve issues with you. As a leading manufacturer of connection components for transmitting energy, signals and data, we are completely dedicated to our customers requirement during the develop- ment of our innovative products. Our Corporate focus is customer orientated.As an OEM-provider, Weidm얼ller sets...

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Terminal blocks connect and give structure to connections between the control cabinet and the sensor/actuator level. Weidmller offers a compre- hensive portfolio, with a variety of connection types and extensive range of accessories. PCB components secure the connection between the outer world and printed circuit boards found on electrical devices and controllers. Weidm켼llers product line extends to PCB terminals, PCB connectors and electronics housings. > The Electronics product portfolio includes a well-coordinated line of surge protection, one- and three-phase power supplies, signal...

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The PCB component range consists of PCB terminals, PCB connectors and electronics housings. PCB terminals in pitches from 3.5 mm to 15 mm, rated up to 1000 V / 101 A (IEC)ՕPCB connectors in pitches from 3.5 mm to 10.16 mm, rated up to 1000 V / 76 A (IEC)Electronic housings for installation, construction and field use. With IP20- and IP68-protection. The user has total control over the pitch dimensions, soldering process, or connectiontechnique. All connections feature total contact reliability, are maintenance-free, andare easy to use Ֆ whether they are screw, tension-clamp,...

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relays and opto-couplers Industrial electronics demands a very high quality level. Weidmller electronics productsare not only high-quality, they also are developed under state-of-the-art standards. Thus they are highly reliable and ready to use world-wide. Their future is assured.Weidmller are used for industry-automation applications for the separation and coupling of digital I/O signals. They are well suited for use in sub- distributors and switchgear cabinets, thanks to their thin design. power supplies are ideally suited for use in industrial applications. Wherelightning strikes cause...

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Weidmllers competence with network infrastructures is proven by this line ofIndustrial Ethernet components. We are the one source that offers you componentsfrom controllers to the field level. That includes passive electro-mechanical productssuch as plugs, wires, connection elements and outlets 쒖 and also active components such as switches and routers for the standardised operation of a service-independent network infrastructure. Weidmller makes it possible for IT administrators to equip and activate their network with integrated and universal methods.The Industrial Ethernet components from...

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The Klippon > ֮ brand has long stood for competence and quality in enclosures in par-ticular with customer solutions for industrial standard applications and for applicationsin harsh environments. Weidmּller meets these demands with its new edition of stainless steel enclosures the Klippon > ֮ TB series, and with its enhanced aluminium enclosures the Klippon > ֮ K series. The portfolio is complemented by theKlippon > POK series of glass reinforced polyester enclosures and also by a rangeof industrial polycarbonate enclosures .No matter what application is being planned for, Weidmμller can...

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As the leading manufacturer of electrical connection components, Weidmller offers thebest quality and innovative practical solutions. Weidmller켒s heavy-duty RockStar > connector is a convincing force down to its smallest details. RockStar > ή sets the dimensions for future standards. What other suppliers offer only as a custom configu-ration, Weidmller supplies in its standard product line. The selection of an appropriateRockStar > connector which meets customer requirements is made simple with thisbroad spectrum of products. So the customer saves time and money 쮖 and the workflow is...

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SAI distributors from Weidmּller provide the perfect solution for decentralised distribution: they are dust-protected, waterproof, sturdy, safe and designed for thefuture. SAI distributors with IP67-protection bring together signals on-site. Passive distributors are available, as are distributors designed as active Fieldbus I/Os .The SAI Active Universal family distinguishes itself with an expanded diagnosis capability and configurable I/Os. The Fieldbus modules for PB-DP, DeviceNet,CANopen, Industrial Ethernet and the AS interface all support the objective of consistent, modular industrial...

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FieldPower > is the flexible, economic solution for decentralised power distribution in mechanical and plant engineering, at airports, in intra-logistics, motorcar production andanywhere there is a need to distribute power over long distances. The innovative solutionincludes PowerBox distribution boxes, maintenance switches, plug-in connectors (optionally with fuse function), prefabricated cable sets and a full range of accessories.The power is distributed via an uncut round or flat cable. The pick-off is done at any suitable position close to the consuming device using the PowerBox with...

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Precision tools from Weidmּller are in use around the globe. As both a requirementand an incentive, and thus Weidmller offers additional services above and beyondits diverse high-quality product program.Tools should always deliver a consistent result during the daily work routine evenafter much use. With the use of technical testing techniques, Weidm얼ller vouches forthe functionality, durability and quality of its tools. Weidmller guarantees the consis-tent performance of its tools, in accordance with national and international norms andstandards.The tool family includes professional...

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