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Weidmüller – Partner in Industrial Connectivity News 2013 from your Partner in Industrial Connectivity Let’s connect. Device Manufacturers Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG Klingenbergstraße 16 32758 Detmold, Germany T +49 5231 14-0 F +49 5231 14-292083 As experienced experts we support our customers and partners around the world with products, solutions and services in the industrial environment of power, signal and data. We are at home in their industries and markets and know the technological challenges of tomorrow. We are therefore continuously developing innovative, sustainable and useful solutions for their individual needs. Together we set standards in Industrial Connectivity.

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Dear Customers, The PDF versions of our catalogues offer practical additional functions, helping you to find your way around our product range and simplifying the ordering process. In addition to the catalogue, the PDF also contains: • Internal page links • Links to the online catalogue Try it out for yourself. Click the order number to obtain more detailed information and close-up images via you web browser. The links in the PDF file also enable you to go directly to the next desired catalogue page. Further Weidmüller product catalogues can be accessed by clicking the following: Weidmüller...

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2 New products and innovative technologies keep our market in perpetual motion. We aren’t standing still either, as you’ll see in our catalogue, which describes selected product news within our portfolio. Practical connectivity for your industry Let’s connect. What counts for you are reduced assembly times and high availability We make the connection for you Let’s connect. Process Process Get to know our PrintJet ADVANCED ink-jet printer with built-in nextgeneration technology that allows completely stress-free labelling even when challenged by the demanding requirements of advanced...

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What counts for you are reduced assembly times and high availability We make the connection for you Let’s connect. Your Industrial Connectivity Partner in Machinery In classic machine construction, speed and high availability are the top priorities. Weidmüller provides machine builders with products that are perfectly suited for these requirements and thus help them to achieve easy and at the same time secure assembly, installation, commissioning and maintenance. Modularisation and decentralisation are key issues in this regard. We shape and support these trends with our solutions for a...

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Machinery | Power solid-state relays Machinery | Power solid-state relays Simple current monitoring The optional, plug-on monitoring module warns when current drops by 16 % or more. Short-circuit, line-break and defective loads are detected. Power solid-state relays Switch high AC loads up to 75 A completely wear-free and noiseless Your mechanical engineering applications require switching capacities that conventional relays cannot handle. Our power solid state relays have an unrestricted service life – even in extreme environments. Let’s connect. Due to their high shock and vibration...

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Machinery | FreeCon Active PROFINET media converter Machinery | FreeCon Active PROFINET media converter FreeCon Active PROFINET media converter Convert RJ45 to POF including diagnosis of the FO portion and be notified when it‘s time to change Alarm when tolerances exceeded When the attenuation reaches a critical point and the hose packet has to be changed, an alarm is sent to prevent interruptions or downtime in the system. Quick commissioning Information about the attenuation and length of the cable avoid time-consuming measurements, while documentation and certification save an enormous...

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Machinery | M12-plug-in connectors for high currents in the field Machinery | M12-plug-in connectors for high currents in the field M12-plug-in connectors for high currents in the field More wiring options thanks to high power transmission Your peripheral devices should be supplied with greater power. We offer small solutions with lots of power, just for this scenario. Let’s connect. Due to the increasing complexity of automation, the equipment for machinery and systems today needs a greater power supply - in excess of 250 V and 2 A. Small dimensions The compact size of our M12 plug system...

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Your process equipment stretches as far as the eye can see We create long-distance connections – securely Let’s connect. Your Industrial Connectivity Partner in the Process Industries Damage or even complete failure of processing plants can result in a devastating impact on people, the environment, and property. Plant operators are challenged with evaluating the associated risks and how to reduce them. Weidmüller advises and provides products that offer explosion protection and functional safety, right from the start. This includes solutions for connecting, marshalling and converting field...

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Process | ACT20C signal converters with Ethernet interface Process | ACT20C signal converters with Ethernet interface ACT20C signal converters with Ethernet interface Comprehensive process transparency in chemical plant construction is provided by the transfer of diagnostics information, signals and data Simple operation and configuration Software supported configuration allows a fast application of settings and simple operation. Visit the life application of the ACT20C until 31.12.2013 by using or scan this QR code. Let’s connect. You would like more process...

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Process | Serial fibre-optic converters Process | Serial fibre-optic converters Serial fibre-optic converters Extend serial transmission channels to up to 5 km and protect them from electromagnetic interference Durable Usable even in an extended temperate range of –40 °C to +75 °C. Within your chemical plant, you have to transmit serial data securely over long distances. Our solutions can handle this without any losses. Let’s connect. Reduced installation costs The converter connects serial devices in a fibre-optic circuit. This allows you to configure networks of up to 100 km in length....

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