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WEICONLOCK-White-Line - 1

WEICONLOCK® »White Line« Pen System ® The new »White Line« for increased health protection and safety at work – marking-free1 – ew N In order to take the increased requirements in the field of health protection and safety at work into account, WEICON now introduces the WEICONLOCK »White Line«. The new formulas also enable use in sensitive production areas. Three types of the »White Line« have a »white« EC safety data sheet and are therefore marking-free and meet strict requirements of plant physicians. The new »White Line« has been tested in accordance with the demanding requirements of the NSF/ANSI 61 (American National Standards Institute) for use in the drinking water area. It is therefore in particular suitable for applications in the food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals sectors. tem -Sys en D es 884 ON WEIC 59 P The new WEICONLOCK »White Line« can also be used in all other areas of industry. i g n P a t. 0 0 1 This results in the following advantages when using the new WEICONLOCK types: • NSF drinking water approval in accordance with ANSI 61 • No marking1 with danger symbols and risk or safety statements of the safety data sheet in accordance with the EC Regulations No. 1907/2006 – ISO 11014-1 • Increased safety at work and health protection • Excellent resistance to chemicals after curing • Temperature-resistant up to +200°C2 1 2 Applies to the types AN 301-43, 301-70 and 301-72 Applies to the type AN 301-72

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WEICONLOCK-White-Line - 2

WEICONLOCK®»White Line< Threadlocking, medium-strength, Threadlocking, high-strength, Pipe and flange sealing with PTFE, medium- strength, resistant to high temperatures, Retaining cylindrical assemblies, high-strength Retaining cylindrical assemblies, high-strength, resistant to high temperatures www.weicon.de • info@weicon.de 20 Steckle Place • Unit 20 * Determined on M 10 x 20 screw - quality 8.8 galvanised - 0.8d nut (without pre-tensioning) ** Compression shear strength determined on cylindrical parts approx. 13 mm dia., clearance (D-d) = 0.05 mmm, l/d = 0.88 "'Attention: The permanent...

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