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WEICON GmbH & Co. KG (Headquarters) WEICON Middle East L.L.C. Königsberger Str. 255 · DE-48157 Münster P.O. Box 84 60 · DE-48045 Münster Germany Tel. +49 (0) 251 9322 0 info@weicon.de WEICON Romania SRL Str. Podului Nr. 1 547176 Budiu Mic (Targu Mures) Romania Tel. +40 (0) 3 65 730 763 office@weicon.com Jebel Ali Ind Area 3 P.O. Box 118 216 · Dubai United Arab Emirates 20 Steckle Place · Unit 20 Kitchener · Ontario N2E 2C3 Canada WEICON South East Asia Pte Ltd Unit No. D1 · Enterprise Village Capricorn Drive · Capricorn Park Muizenberg 7945 · Cape Town · South Africa 5 Soon Lee Street Pioneer Point #03-56 Singapore 627607 WEICON Kimya Sanayi Tic. Ltd. Şti. Yenibosna Mahallesi Yalçın Koreş Caddesi Arifağa Sokak No: 29 Kat: 3 34530 Yenibosna – Istanbul Turkey Tel.: +90 (0) 212 465 33 65 info@weicon.biz.tr WEICON Czech Republic s.r.o. Teplická 305 · CZ-417 61 Teplice-Bystřany Česká republika Tel. +42 (0) 417 533 013 info@weiconcz.cz www.weiconcz.cz For cross-references and information about our full product programme, please visit our website: w

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Since 1947, WEICON GmbH & Co. KG has been producing speciality products for the industry in Germany. The range of products includes special adhesives and sealants, technical sprays and high-performance assembly pastes and greases for all areas of industry - from production over repair up to maintenance. Another field of activity is the development, sales and distribution of stripping tools. The company headquarters is located in Münster, Germany. WEICON has subsidiaries in Dubai, Canada, Turkey, Romania and South Africa and is represented by WEICON partners in more than 70 countries all...

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75.509.00 Plastic Metal Products High-quality, two-component epoxy resin systems for fast, cost-effective and durable repairs to many types of material. Ideal for rebuilding shafts and repairing leaking pipes, tanks, pumps and valves damaged by erosion and/or corrosion. Temperature resistant from -35°C (-31°F) to +120°C (+248°F). After curing, the material is machinable with normal working tools and equipment. WEICON A Putty, steel-filled. To eliminate corrosion damage and pitting on tanks; for repairing pipes, castings, cases, machine parts etc. Also suitable for making moulds and models,...

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WEICON CERAMIC BL WITH SLOW HARDENER Liquid, brushable, mineral-filled (carborundum and zircon), extremely wear resistant. Temperature resistant from -35°C (-31°F) up +180°C (+356°F). Brushable surface protection with extremely high wear and abrasion resistance. As a preventive coating or applied after repair, it reduces abrasion on castings, valves, blower vans and in many other applications. 75.509.33 2.0 kg WEICON HB 300 Putty, steel-filled, high temperature resistant from -35°C (-31°F) up to +200°C (+392°F), briefly up to +280°C (+536°F). Mixing ratio 1:1. To make blanking and...

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III E The uncomplicated solution for repair and maintenance. Easy-to use: Cut-off - knead - use Always the right portion (even for small repairs). WEICON Repair Sticks are temperature-resistant from -50°C (-58°F) up to +120°C (+248°F) (briefly up to +150°C/+302°F). They resist alcohol, ester, soft water, oils, most acids and lyes, are free of solvents and cure with almost no shrinkage. The cured product can be machined (drilled, filed, tapped) and overpainted without pre-treatment. REPAIR STICK STEEL Steel-filled. Preferably used for quick and high strength repairs and bonds of metal parts....

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75.628.00 WEICONLOCK® Anaerobic adhesives AN 306-01 Retaining cylindrical assemblies, low viscosity, high strength 75.628.15 20 ml 75.628.17 200 ml AN 306-38 Retaining cylindrical assemblies under high dynamical stress, medium viscosity, high strength 75.628.18 20 ml WEICONLOCK® products are high quality anaerobic adhesives and sealants on the basis of special methacrylate resins, especially made for economical threadlocking, retaining and sealing of threaded, cylindrical and pipe assemblies. The pen system offers a better dosing and an easy application. AN 302-22 ThreadIocking, vibration...

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DF 175 PTFE THREAD SEALING CORD III E 75.629.00 WEICON CONTACT Cyanoacrylate adhesives WEICON DF 175 is a patented thread sealing cord made of 100% PTFE that seals almost all metal and plastic threads permanently and safely. 75.628.40 175 m Permanently plastic, non-dripping and silicone free universal sealant (max. gap filling capacity up 0,1 mm). For bigger gaps only in combination with a mechanical seal. Solvent free, blue. High-quality cyanoacrylate adhesives to bond a wide range of materials within seconds. The pen system offers a better dosing and an easy application. VA 100 General...

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75.629.00 WEICON RK-Construction Adhesives VA 30 BLACK Medium viscosity, slow curing, residual elasticity after curing, high temperature resistant from up to +135°C (+275°F). VA 1401 Medium viscosity, fast curing, good cure also on tissue, paper and carton as well as on other macropore elastomers. WEICON Epoxy Minute Adhesive Fast-curing, transparent epoxy adhesive in a double syringe, providing extremely high adhesive strength. 75.629.50 24 ml double Syringe WEICON RK-1300 High strength, fast-curing construction adhesive with high impact, peel and shear strength. Complete packing...

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75 - Packing & Jointing 75.634.00 WEICON Elastic Ahesives and Sealants 53.052.00 WEICON Allround Lubricants WEICON SILICONE "High Temperature" HT 300 Red High-temperature resistant silicone sealant (up to +230°C/+446°F, briefly up to +300°C/+572). 75.634.20 310 ml cartridge 75.634.21 85 ml tube WEICON AL-M with MoS2 Strong-bonding and high pressure-resistant longlife grease with MoS2. For roller and sliding bearings, pivoted bearings, spindles, camshafts and spline shafts, worm gears and open gears, etc. NLGI Class: 2; colour: black; temperature resistant from -20°C (-4°F) up to +120°C...

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