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High-performance assembly pastes and spraysReliable protection against CorrosionՕ Wear Seizure >

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Lubrication of the threaded spindles of a wire roll press > Contents IntroductionPage 2Product DescriptionPage 3Application ExamplesPage 4 Technical DataPage 5A-Z of Tribology ConceptsPage 6CompatibilitiesPage 7 >

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WEICON Anti-Seize Standard Grade consists of selected, finely ground, metallic solid lubricants and a high-quality synthetic oil mixture. This combination has been proven worldwide for many decades in a number of applications with materials made of steel, iron, or cast iron in all industrial areas. Nowadays, increasingly high alloy steels and light and nonferrous metals are being used. When metalliferous assembly pastes are used, unwanted interactions between the paste and the material cannot be ruled out. WEICON Anti-Seize High-Tech is metal-free* and can be used with any material. In case...

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Wastewater engineering Construction machines Weicon Anti-Seize solves basic problems and is thus not bound to certain branches. Corrosion, seizure, and wear are typical damages that can occur anywhere. Seals and glands, filter presses, aerators, stop valves, rotating parts on sluices. Hydraulic cylinders, splined shafts, toothed wheels, track bearings, brake cams and bolts, rocker shafts. Automotive industry Mining Battery poles and connections, springs, suspensions, exhaust fittings and seals, spark plugs, screw connections in chassis and body, brake cams and pins, wheel bolts and nuts,...

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ProductProperties Anti-SeizeStandard GradeAnti-SeizeHigh-TechAnti-SeizeSpecial Nickel Grade Consistency assignment > (DIN 51818) :NLGI Class 1NLGI Class 0-1NLGI Class 1Basic oil:Synthetic oil mixtureMedicinal oilSynthetic oilColour:anthracitewhiteanthraciteOFW device > (ball / plate, 450 N, 1000 m, 50 Hz, 2 h) Coefficient of friction:0.130.10 to 0.130.16Coefficient of friction Total յ: : upside down side յ: test > (pretension 30 kN, tightening torque M a 60,5 Nm according to DIN 946) Goods load:4200 N3600 N--Welding load:4400 N3800 N2000...

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Carrier fluid for pastes, greases, and oils. Arises if the lubricating film is penetrated or destroyed during the friction action. The material pairs come into contact due to friction conditions, such as pressure or speed. The boundary friction area cannot be avoided before the formation of a supporting lubricating film when starting and stopping or when changing the direction of rotation. > The consistency of a lubricating grease is measured in accordance with DIN ISO 2137 with a penetrometer, whereby the grease is worked prior to the measurement in order to imitate the stress in a...

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ACM - > Acrylate rubber ++++0CR - > Chloroprene rubber ++--CSM - > Chlorosulfonated PE rubber ++++--EPDM - > Ethylene propylene diene rubber ------FKM - > Fluorocaoutchoc ++++++NBR - > Nitrile butadiene rubber +++++NR - > Natural rubber ------SBR - > Styrene butadiene rubber ------SQM/MVQ - > Silicone rubber ++++++ > ++ resistant + resistant to a limited extent 0 not tested, preliminary trials or resistance tests are recommended -- not resistant ABS > - ABS copolymeride ++++--CA > - Cellulose acetate ++++--EPS > - Expanded polystyrene ++++0PA > - Polyamide ++++++PC > - Polycarbonate...

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As a separating agent between the calliper and the brake liningProtection of all metal connections in high-temperature areas Assembly aid for the outer toothing of a transmission driving shaftLubrication of a power take-off coupling > Any product specifications and recommendations given herein must not be seen as guaranteed product characteristics. They are based on our laboratory tests and on practical experience. Since individual application conditions are beyond our knowledge, control and responsibility, this information is provided without any obligation. We do warrant the continuously...

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