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The kneadable universal repair compound The versatile problem solver for repair, maintenance and construction. WEICON Epoxy Resin Putty is an easy-to-apply, cold curing two-component putty suitable for sealing, fastening, bonding and repairing. The cured material can be machined (e.g. drilled, filed, milled) and overpainted without pre-treatment. WEICON Epoxy Resin Putty bonds to metals, wood, glass, rubber, ceramics, concrete and most plastics. WEICON Epoxy Resin Putty resists fuels, oil, ester, salt water as well as most acids and lyes. Applications: • Sealing of pipes and tanks • Anchoring of screws and hooks • Repairing and building-up of castings • Repairing of shafts, bearings, pumps and casings • Reconditioning of defective threads • Making of patterns and models for trial series • Repairing of aluminium, light metal and diecast parts Ausbesserung eines Aluminium-Gehäuses Reconditioning of an aluminium housing Reparatur von Dichtungsflächen im Gehäuse einer Labyrinthdichtung Repair of sealing surfaces in a labyrinth seal housing Technical Data: Composition: Epoxy resin, mineral-filled Colour after mixing: Mixing ratio: Handling strength*: Final hardness*: Compressive strength*: Tensile strength*: Flexural strength*: Temperature resistance: Shelf life**: 24 months at room temperature Musterteil Demo part * Mean strength at +20°C acc to DIN 53281-83 (ASTM D 1002) **Standard climate: +23°C and 50% relative humidity of air (DIN 50014-23/50-2) Musterteil Demo part Art.-No.: 10500100 Art.-No.: 10500400 Art.-No.: 10500800 WEICON Middle East L.L.C. Königsberger Str. 255 • DE-48157 Münster Postfach 84 60 • DE-48045 Münster Jebel Ali Ind. Area 3 P. O. Box 118216, Dubai – U.A.E www.weicon.de • info@weicon.de www.weicon.ae • info@weicon.ae Any product specifications and recommendations given herein must not be seen as guaranteed product characteristics. They are based on our laboratory tests and on practical experience. Since individual application conditions are beyond our knowledge, control and responsibility, this information is provided without any obligation. We do warrant the continuously high quality of our products being free from defects in accordance with and subject to our General Sales Conditions. However, own adequate laboratory and practical tests to find out if the product in question meets the requested properties are recommended. A claim cannot be derived from them. The user bears the only responsibility for non-appropriate or other than specified applications. Epoxy Resin Putty

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