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Fueling technology for hydrogen - 1

High-performance components for hydrogen vehicles and fueling stations WEH® - We Engineer Hightech

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Fueling technology for hydrogen - 2

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Fueling technology for hydrogen - 3

H2 fueling products 6 1.1 | Introduction 6 1.2 | Overview 8 Products for car fueling stations 10 2.1 | Fueling nozzle TK17 H2 70 MPa 10 2.2 | Fueling nozzle TK17 H2 70 MPa ENR 14 2.3 | Fueling nozzle TK17 H2 35 MPa 18 2.4 | Fueling nozzle TK17 H2 35 MPa ENR 22 2.5 | Fueling nozzle TK16 H2 26 2.6 | Fueling nozzle TK16 H2 with data interface

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Fueling technology for hydrogen - 4

Products for buses and trucks (and fueling stations)84 5.1 | Receptacle TN1 H2 High-Flow 84 5.2 | Receptacle TN5 H2 88 5.3 | Check valve TVR5 H2 90

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Fueling technology for hydrogen - 5

» Introduction ILLUSTRATIONS WEH® 70 MPa Technology: TK17 H2 70 MPa fueling nozzle with filling hose and TSA1 H2 70 MPa breakaway coupling incl. dispenser mounting

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Fueling technology for hydrogen - 6

» Introduction A VISION FOR A GLOBAL CHALLENGE With great foresight for a future global challenge, WEH Gas Technology has been a pioneer in the field of alternative fuels since 1986. The aim was to develop their own H2 fueling system with maximum safety and outstanding functionality. For acceptability reasons the system should give the operator the ‘feel’ of a conventional refueling system despite the highly complex technology. This is where WEH as a pioneer sets international standards. Today, hydrogen filling stations and fuel cell vehicles around the world are equipped almost exclusively...

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Fueling technology for hydrogen - 7

» Overview OVERVIEW FUELING NOZZLES / BREAKAWAY COUPLINGS And their common uses: Overview of fueling nozzles Type TK17 H2 35 MPa ENR with exchangeable data interface TK16 H2 with data interface TK16 H2 High-Flow with data interface TK17 H2 70 MPa ENR with exchangeable data interface Overview of defueling nozzles Type TK6 H2 Discharging of H2 fuel tanks – car Overview of breakaway couplings Type Bus/truck - Inline * except TK16 H2 / TK16 H2 High-Flow fueling nozzles with data interface OVERVIEW FILTERS Overview of filters Type Bus/truck fueling station

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Fueling technology for hydrogen - 8

» Overview OVERVIEW PRESSURE RANGE / CODING All WEH® Fueling nozzles and receptacles have a coding for the gas type and the pressure range thus not allowing connection to natural gas vehicles and other pressure ranges. The following connection possibilities are given: OVERVIEW Fueling nozzle TK16 H2 High-Flow TK16 H2 High-Flow with IR* 35 MPa * IR = infrared data interface / ** ENR = exchangeable data interface NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL PROJECTS Today WEH is the world market leader for alternative fueling components and partner to the automotive industry. In addition, WEH is worldwide...

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Fueling technology for hydrogen - 9

» Standards, approvals and memberships CERTIFIED QUALITY MANAGEMENT Our high quality standard is achieved by a living quality management and the certification according to international quality standards is confirmed. INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS AND APPROVALS The following overview shows the standards and approvals of WEH® Products. For detailed information see the respective product. • Regulation (EC) No. 79/2009 • SAE J2600:2002 • SAE TIR 2799 • SAE J2601 • ATEX • NEC Class 1 Zone 1 • KHKS 0220 * For reasons of precaution, we’d like to point out that a) regarding the delivery of each article...

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Fueling technology for hydrogen - 10

2 | Products for car fueling stations » Fueling nozzle TK17 H2 70 MPa DESCRIPTION Guide bush with impact protection Cold protection Hand grip Features • Type C nozzle acc. to SAE J2600:2002, paragraph 5.2 • Left or right single-handed operation • Compatible with WEH® TN1 H2 70 MPa Receptacle profile • WEH® EASY-TURN 250° swivel joint • Easy operation • High flow rate  short filling times • Protecion against impact and cold • Plastic thermal protection • Hand grip with magnet • WEH® Jaw locking mechanism • High-grade materials • Coding for pressure range / gas type Actuation lever Locking...

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Fueling technology for hydrogen - 11

» Fueling nozzle TK17 H2 70 MPa ORDERING | WEH® TK17 H2 70 MPa Fueling nozzle Fueling assemblies consisting of fueling nozzle, hose set and breakaway coupling are available on request. ACCESSORIES The following accessories are available for the WEH® TK17 H2 70 MPa Fueling nozzle: Hose set Hose set for connecting fueling nozzle and TSA1 H2 70 MPa breakaway coupling, complete with filling hose (for pre-cooled hydrogen) and braided protection hose as cover. Design filling hose: max. operating pressure PS: 87.5 MPa / nominal bore (DN): 4.5 mm / temperature range: -40 °C up to +65 °C (-40 °F up...

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Fueling technology for hydrogen - 12

2 | Products for car fueling stations » Fueling nozzle TK17 H2 70 MPa Dispenser mounting Mounting for safe attachment of the fueling nozzle to the dispenser. Optionally a magnetic field sensor can be installed. approx. dimensions (mm) Mounting possibility for optionally available magnetic field sensor Part no. Dispenser mounting (switch actuated) with weather protection and special cover for impact protection Magnetic field sensor with 2 m cable, explosion-proof acc. to ATEX TNS1 H2 Service receptacle To prevent damage in the fueling nozzle while purging or leak testing during maintenance...

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Fueling technology for hydrogen - 13

» Fueling nozzle TK17 H2 70 MPa SPARE PARTS Various parts are available as spares for the WEH® TK17 H2 70 MPa Fueling nozzle. 1 Impact protection Logo cap incl. label plate Locking lever Plastic thermal protection Impact protection Locking lever Label plate Plastic thermal protection (cold protection) Maintenance spray When ordering please specify the part no. engraved on the fueling nozzle.

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