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WD-40® Specialist® SPRAY & STAY GEL LUBRICANT - 1

TECHNICAL DATA SHEET SPECIRLIST PRODUCT DESCRIPTION WD-40 Specialist Spray & Stay Gel Lubricant - No-Drip Formula. A unique gel lubricant that sprays on thick and won’t run, drip or make a mess. Provides 12x longer-lasting lubrication and prevents rust and corrosion for up to 1 year. No-fling makes it excellent for moving parts that need lubrication. • CHAINS • CABLES • GEARS • ROLLERS • BEARINGS • VERTICAL SURFACES • MOVING PARTS 4 BALL WEAR (ASTM D4172) This test measures the wear protection of a fluid on a metal surface. A steel ball is pressed with force against three stationary steel balls and is rotated at 1200 rpm for 60 minutes. WD-40 Specialist Protective Spray & Stay Gel Lubricant lives up to its name as it lubricates and protects the steel ball. * RESULTS SHOW DEPTH OF SCAR IN MILLIMETERS. LOWER IS BETTER. SHAKE CAN WELL (20-25 Seconds) before EACH spray. Flip straw up for STREAM or down for SPRAY. Make sure there is a 4-6 inch distance between actuator tip and the surface to be sprayed. Apply an even coat.

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WD-40® Specialist® SPRAY & STAY GEL LUBRICANT - 2

Store in a cool, well-ventilated area, away from incompatible materials. Do not store in direct sunlight or above 120°F. U.F.C (NFPA 30B) Level 3 Aerosol. If this product becomes a waste, it would be expected to meet the criteria of a RCRA ignitable hazardous waste (D001). However, it is the responsibility of the generator to determine at the time of disposal the proper classification and method of disposal. Dispose in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations. Do not puncture or incinerate containers. CONTENTS ARE EXTREMELY FLAMMABLE: Keep away from heat, sparks, pilot lights,...

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