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SANITARY Process Pumps The ideal pump range for metering and transfer Pump perfection For pumping fluids aseptically, nothing beats a peristaltic pump; and when it comes to peristaltic pumps, there’s none better than Watson-Marlow. For sanitary metering and transfer applications, our 520, 620 and 720 pumps deliver the best combination of pump and drive technology, meeting the quality control demands for high purity, accuracy and reliability expected in today's highly tuned, validated processes. For over 50 years, Watson-Marlow has led the world in peristaltic pump innovation, developing...

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Why Watson-Marlow makes the right pump for your process • Validation made easy – only the disposable tube touches the fluid • Peristaltic contamination-free pumping principle – no seals, valves, or moving parts in the flow path • Ultimate controllability: over 3,600:1 speed range with 0.1 rpm resolution and accuracy within ± 0.5% Zero contamination Watson-Marlow peristaltic pumps totally contain the fluid within the tube, isolating it from any source of contamination including the metallic components of the pump. Our high performance, high purity tubing further enhances the integrity of the...

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SANITARY Process Pumps Assured aseptic and sterile pumping Reliable, accurate contract filling of veterinary medicines Working in a high temperature environment proves no problem High flow sterile filling of single-use media bags Sterile filling and capping of vials in aseptic environments Pharmaceutical A major pharmaceutical company needed to improve their process efficiency. Their original lobe pump was time consuming to clean and difficult to control. The 620 offered a solution. Its retractable rollers allowed for quick in line CIP without disassembly reducing cleaning recycle time by...

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One million pumps keep the sanitary industry productive Watson-Marlow pumps save time and money by successfully handling sanitary applications in a broad range of industries worldwide including: • Pharmaceutical: tablet coating, metering or dosing of pharmaceutical products Gentle handling of parasites maximizes yield in live vaccine production • Biotechnology: bioreactors/fermenters nutrient feed, harvesting, antifoam, perfusion, pH adjustment, ultrafiltration and diafiltration, chromatography, media preparation • Brewing and beverage: metering and transfer of yeast, flocculants,...

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SANITARY Process Pumps The perfect pump: which one is right for you? Pick a winner Watson-Marlow's sanitary pumps are a team and they're on your side. Our 520, 620 and 720 process pumps all share the same control technology, the same human-machine interface and the same space-saving design concept. If your operator knows one pump, he knows them The 720 is a powerful pump which can be fitted with one or two pumpheads for high flow metering or transfer The versatile medium flow 620 offers retractable rollers for quick and easy in-line SIP/CIP capability With its eight tubing sizes, the low...

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Pick the pump you need Choosing the perfect pump from our many options is easy. Just answer four questions: 1 How much fluid? all, making process scale-up or writing SOPs a snap. All our pumps have the option for either LoadSure® elements for positive process pipe connection or continuous tubing for an uninterrupted source to discharge flow path. Flow to 8.8 gpm (33.3 liters/min), 1 channel, up to 30 psi Continuous tubing in four materials including ADCF,weldable and heat sealable PureWeld XL and platinum-cured Pumpsil Tube elements in three USP Class VI materials with Tri-clamp style...

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Pumpheads: choose a 520 for flows up to 520 LoadSure Element pumpheads When you need a pump with positive connection points and error-free tube loading, chose LoadSure® element pumpheads. High, medium and low pressure LoadSure® element pumpheads are available to meet your process pressure needs. Sanitary LoadSure® elements are available in Pumpsil®, Bioprene®, STA-PURE PFL® and STA-PURE PCS® tubing with ½” PVDF Tri-Clamp style connectors. The wetted part of each LoadSure® element is fully traceable, laser etched with part number and lot number and supplied with a certificate of conformity....

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3500ml/min (55 GPH), with pressures to 100 psi 520R and 520R2 continuous tube performance 520R & 520R2 pumpheads: flow ranges, 0.1-220 rpm, ml/min* 0.5 STA-PURE PCS STA-PURE PFL 0.0040 -9.5 Pumpsil PureWeld XL Tube bore, mm Tube bore, inch Tube number 520R & 520R2 (continuous tubing) Bioprene 64 shore tubing Performance was achieved using 100 psi constant pressure Performance was achieved using 60 psi peak pressure Flow rate (ml/min) Flow rate (ml/min) Performance was achieved using 30 psi peak pressure Flow rate (ml/min) 520 LoadSure® element pumpheads: flow ranges, 0.1-220 rpm, ml/min*...

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Pumpheads: choose a 620 for flows up to 18 620 LoadSure® Elements Like the 520, the 620 offers LoadSure® element pumpheads for positive connection and error free tube loading. Both the 620RE two roller and 620RE4 four roller LoadSure® element pumpheads are capable of pressures to 60 psi and feature retractable rollers for SIP or CIP cleaning cycles through the pump. Sanitary LoadSure® elements are available in 12 and 17mm bore Pumpsil®, Bioprene®,STA-PURE PCS® and STA-PURE PFL® tubing with 3/4” Tri-Clamp style connectors. Each LoadSure® element is fully traceable, laser etched with part...

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liters/min, (4.8 GPM) with pressures to 60 psi 620R continuous tubing, two rollers pumpheads: flow ranges, 0.1-265 rpm GPM Tube bore mm Tube bore in Tube number Limited to 30 psi below 50 rpm Flow rate varies with tube material, discharge pressure, suction and viscosity 620 pumpheads: flow ranges, 0.1-265 rpm 620RE two rollers pumpheads 620RE4 four rollers pumpheads Element bore, mm Element bore, inch Tri-Clamp connector size, inch Bioprene TL (elements to 30 psi) STA-PURE PCS, and STA-PURE PFL (elements to 60 psi) Construction materials: All 620 pumpheads are designed for ultimate impact...

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