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Accurate, versatile chemical pumps • Cut chemical cost through higher accuracy metering • Simple drop-in installation eliminates ancillary equipment • educed maintenance with single, no-tools, component R replacement • low rates from 0.1 to 2,000 ml/min (0.001 to 32 USGPH) at F up to 7bar (100psi) Total cost of ownership is less than a diaphragm pump Typical installation comparing a diaphragm metering pump with the Qdos peristaltic metering pump *Not required for Qdos system Main line Main line Backpressure valve* Pulsation dampener* * Degassing valve* Qdos pump Transfer pump* Diaphragm...

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Accurate, versatile chemical pumps Easy access high-visibility interface Keypad and 3.5" TFT colour display provide easy access and high-visibility status indication. Configurable in 11 languages Optional HMI protective screen Rugged IP66 (NEMA 4X) pump drive, designed for industrial environments Four models in the range Qdos 20, Qdos 30, Qdos 60 and Qdos 120 Reduce your chemical costs Accurate, linear and repeatable flow, with varying process conditions. Keeps pumping even when gassing-off occurs or when the chemical contains solids. No need to over-meter chemicals Simplify your system...

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Accurate, versatile chemical pumps Features of the Qdos range Simplicity in installation, operation and maintenance were key considerations when designing the Qdos range of pumps. An intuitive menu offers advanced control features including: • Fluid level monitoring • Line priming • Flow calibration Features overview The 3.5" TFT colour display provides instant pump status, and can be configured to display in 11 different languages. Qdos pumps can be ordered with the ReNu pumphead mounted on the left or right of the pump. The keypad, display and input/output connections are readily...

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# Metering polymer ^flocculants A major utility provider on Lake Michigan, Illinois had a requirement to clean-up wastewater run-off from a limestone quarry. They needed a solution for accurately dosing polymer flocculants. Installing a Qdos pump fitted with a ReNu PU pumphead allowed them to meet water quality standards with a low maintenance, reliable solution. The unique ReNu PU pumphead is compatible with aliphatic hydrocarbons, making it perfect for long consumable life when dosing oil based polymers. The contained pumphead ensures easy changeover with minimal mess In addition,...

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Performance data ( High precision chemical metering on the go Qdos pumps are available with either mains power or 12-24V DC. If your chemical metering application involves a mobile skid or a remote location without mains power, then 12-24V Qdos meets your requirements. The 12-24V DC power option further increases the range of applications for Qdos pumping. Performance curves Suction gauge pressure / psi -15 10-5 0 0 Discharge gauge pressure / psi 20 40 60 80 Important note - The ReNu Pumphead contains lubricant. It is the user's responsibility to comply with local health and safety...

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Fluid Technology Group INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS SSmcisosine Process Pumps Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group supports its customers locally through an extensive global network of direct sales operations and distributors wmftg.com/global Copyright © 2018 Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group HB0424 ISSUE 12 Disclaimer: The information contained in this document is believed to be correct but Watson-Marlow Limited accepts no liability for any errors it contains and reserves the right to alter specifications without notice. It is the users responsibility to...

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