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" Metering Pumps metering revolution Watson-Marlow Pumps Group

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Join the no-valve metering revolution Qdos 30 the no-valve metering pump • Accurate, linear and repeatable ow under varying process conditions • Flow rates 0.1 to 500 ml/min (0.001 to 8 US gph) at 7 bar (100 psi) • ReNu pumphead: single, sealed component for no-tools maintenance • No valves: lowering installation and maintenance costs Eliminate ancillary equipment A diaphragm metering pump often requires a range of high maintenance ancillary items to function. The no-valve Qdos 30 eliminates ancillary equipment while ensuring accurate, linear and repeatable metering across all process...

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Rugged IP66 pump drive, designed for industrial environments Revolutionary pumphead technology The unique design of the patented ReNu™ pumphead enables accurate and repeatable ow for uids of wide ranging viscosities. No-tools maintenance means quick, safe and easy pumphead replacement with no specialist training or maintenance technicians. The sealed pumphead design eliminates uid leakage and, combined with the uid recovery functionality, reduces chemical wastage.

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Join the no-valve metering revolution Easy access high-visibility interface Keypad and 3.5" TFT colour display provide easy access and high-visibility status indication. Congurable in 9 languages Eliminate chemical wastage Accurate, linear and repeatable ow, with varying process conditions. Keeps pumping even when gassing-off occurs or when the chemical contains solids. No need to over-meter chemicals Safe maintenance The sealed ReNu pumphead with uid recovery functionality eliminates operator exposure to chemicals. No chemicals on the oor, no parts to clean and rebuild Replace your pump in...

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Disinfection – drinking water Sodium hypochlorite creates gas locking and crystallisation in diaphragm pumps. Flow rates and pressure changes uctuate impacting metering accuracy. Diaphragm pumps are often set to ‘over-dose’ to ensure water quality is maintained. This increases chemical usage and secondary treatment to compensate. Qdos 30 delivers predictable, accurate metering at variable pressure up to 7 bar (100 psi), even with uctuating process conditions. Gas locking and crystallisation issues are eliminated. pH adjustment – drinking and industrial process water Water pH inuences the...

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Industrial cooling – water preparation Chemicals used in cooling water treatment to prevent corrosion and scale formation affect cooling efciency and impact operating costs. A metering skid may contain ve pumps, each with its own conguration and operating requirements. Qdos 30 delivers accurate ow, even at very low ow rates combined with high discharge pressure. There are no valves in the ow path to wear, and the ReNu sealed pumphead ensures quick and safe pumphead replacement with no risk of leakage, giving you savings on skid ownership costs. Mineral processing Flocculants can cause...

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Qdos 30 pump range Simplicity in installation, operation and maintenance were key considerations when designing the Qdos range of pumps. The 3.5" TFT colour display provides instant pump status, and can be congured to display in 9 different languages. An intuitive menu offers advanced control features including: • Fluid level monitoring • Fluid recovery • Line priming • Flow calibration Qdos 30 can be ordered with the ReNu pumphead mounted on the left or right of the pump. The keypad, display and input/output connections are readily accessible for easy operation and maintenance. All models...

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Flexibility for your process needs Features overview Functionality Operational modes Manual Contact 4-20mA Fluid recovery Fault reporting PROFIBUS control and diagnostics Manual control Numerical ow display Numerical speed display Numerical percentage of max speed display Fluid level monitor Max (prime) Auto restart Pumphead failure alarm Remote control 4-20mA input 4-20mA input two point calibration 4-20mA output Contact input (pulse/batch) Run stop input Run status output Alarm output Remote uid recovery Optional 110V industrial logic Pump status 4-20mA status Fault Security Keypad lock...

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" Metering Pumps Performance data Typical flow rates (metric up to 7 bar) Performance curves Suction gauge pressure / bar Discharge gauge pressure / bar Suction gauge pressure / psi Discharge gauge pressure / psi Side view Front view Top view

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Watson-Marlow Pumps Group has six world-class factories supported by direct sales operations in 24 countries and distributors in more than 50 countries. For contact details visit our website: www.wmpg.com Watson-Marlow Watson-Marlow online Our engineers around the world can help you choose the perfect pump and tubing for your needs. More information? Our brochures are on our website: www.wmpg.com Copyright © 2012 Watson-Marlow Pumps Group For more information on Qdos metering pumps visit: www.qdospumps.com Watson-Marlow Pumps Group Falmouth, Cornwall TR11 4RU, UK The information in this...

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