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The cleanest pump you will ever need

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certa* Sine pump® advantage • High suction capability to handle viscous fluids • Easy to clean pump design certified with: - EHEDG Type EL Class I - EHEDG Type EL Aseptic Class I • Uses up to 50% less power than other pump types • Low shear and zero pulsation • Self-draining and easy to clean for minimal downtime Gentle pumping with virtually no pulsation - Ultra low shear pumping of whole foods, meats, dairy and concentrates with no loss to product integrity. Superior viscous handling - Powerful suction up to 0.85 bar. Products with viscosities from 1 cP to 8 million cP can be transferred...

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The cleanest pump you will ever need Cleaner than any lobe or circumferential piston pump • EHEDG Type EL Class I and EHEDG Type EL Aseptic Class I - he Type EL Aseptic Class I certification that Certa carries applies to T closed equipment, wet cleaned-in-place (CIP) without dismantling, steam sterilisable and bacteria tight. All contact parts FDA and EC1935 compliant • Reduce your CIP cycle and the amount of cleaning agents required • Reduce chemical and water use and wastewater for disposal • Modular seal system options: - Single mechanical seal - Single mechanical seal with flush - ouble...

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Applications Beverages Handling fruit juice concentrates with high viscosity can make pumping slow and prone to cavitation. This is especially true if the temperature drops below 0 C, at which point viscosity will make a step increase. When viscosity increases, the maximum running speed of a lobe or circumferential piston pump needs to be reduced considerably to avoid cavitation, so reducing the achievable flow rate. Additionally, power consumption drastically increases as the rotors cut through the thicker fluid. In the cost conscious dairy sector, finding ways to reduce cleaning costs is...

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Service and support Connection ports Certa pumps are available with all standard ports to match your application including DIN, TC, RJT and SMS. Customised options are available upon request. Port orientations Pumps can be configured with ports in a range of orientations to meet installation requirements, including a self-draining orientation. Accessories A static and dynamic flush system is available to flush the area behind the seal system, at low pressure, to prevent product from hardening and damaging the seal system. This is even possible with a single mechanical seal. A jacketing...

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Performance curves

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Fluid Technology Group FOOD AND BEVERAGE SOLUTIONS SSmcisosine Process Pumps AFLEX HOSE Flhsm SrnmirS Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group supports its customers locally through an extensive global network of direct sales operations and distributors Copyright © 2019 Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group HB0559 ISSUE 7 Disclaimer: The information contained in this document is believed to be correct but Watson-Marlow Limited accepts no liability for any errors it contains and reserves the right to alter specifications without notice. It is...

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