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Ultimate flexibility for clinical-scale aseptic filling Behind the filling and capping systems lie the meticulous skill and dedication of Watson-Marlow Flexicon design engineers. Watson- Marlow Pumps Group is also an ISO9001 company. 2 FLEXICON Aseptic Fillers

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For over 50 years the Watson-Marlow Pumps Group has led the world in peristaltic pumping innovation, the technology of choice for high purity fluid handling in the pharmaceutical, biotech and diagnostics industries. PRECISION For Watson-Marlow Flexicon customers it is vital that our machines work with high precision. Not only do we satisfy that demand; we deliver exactly what has been ordered on time, every time. Today’s industry also requires safe operation with minimum risk to process, product and personnel. We accomplish this through our unique peristaltic filling systems. EFFICIENCY Our...

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Lab - R&D Clinical I Clinical II Clinical III DAFPA - Disposable FS and FC - Crimp and Screw Cappers (pages 10-11) PF6 and PF22 - Dispensing System (pages 8-9) FF20 - Vial/Bottle Handling FP50 - Filling and FPC50 - Filling, Stoppering FPC50ISO - FPC50 for Aseptic liquid filling and capping equipment 4 Flexicon - flexible enough to grow with your changing needs Your Choice Tabletop units Semi-automatic systems Filling Filling and capping Fillers Cappers

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Small Production Full Production High Speed Aseptic Fluid Path (pages 6-7) (pag es 12-13) FF30 - Filling/Screw Capping (pages 14-15) Stoppering (pages 16-17) and Capping (pages 18-19) integration into an Isolator (pages 18-19) FMB210 - Fully Automatic Monobloc (pages 20-21) FMB210ISO - FMB210 for integration into an Isolator (pages 20-21) OEM Solutions - Master Controllers, Trolleys and Pumps/Fillers (pages 22-23) Watson-Marlow Flexicon offers a range of products that grow with you, from stand-alone units for hand fi lling, through semi-automatic systems, to fully automatic 5...

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FLEXICON Aseptic Fillers Your answer for aseptic filling 6 DAFPA and singleuse filling Top quality whatever the scale Flexicon peristaltic pumpheads and silicone precision tubing offer pulsation-free, accurate dispensing from benchtop units to fully automatic production equipment. DAFPA is a ready-to-use, disposable filling system: Disposable Aseptic Fluid PAth. It optimizes Watson-Marlow Flexicon’s peristaltic liquid fillers in the biopharmaceutical industries. DAFPA eliminates the need for cleaning validation and allows drug segregation and fast batch change with no cross-contamination...

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Flexicon - 7

7 Simplify your cleaning validation Imagine a USP Class VI fl uid path that is fully traceable from end-to-end, is simple to validate and you have DAFPA. From the bag, to the tubing through the pump, to the fi lling nozzle on your machine, DAFPA provides an entire wet end, which is fully assembled and lot traceable. And best yet, its single use design eliminates costly cleaning validation DAFPA enhances a complete filling system, such as the FP50 shown here

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Flexicon - 8

Flexicon tabletop fillers are designed for use in cleanrooms for production processes complying with cGMP. Setting up a filling regime for vials, bottles, test tubes or other containers is achieved by loading the peristaltic pump tube and entering the parameters required using the intuitive keypad. The pump maintains a closed fluid path from the bulk product container to the end of the filling nozzle. Change the path and the pump is clean, sterile and ready for the next batch. You can control the filler with a foot switch or integrate it into an automatic bottle handling system. 8 4.00 3.50...

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Flexicon - 9

9 4.00 3.50 3.00 2.50 2.00 1.50 1.00 0.50 0.00 Filling volume (ml) Filling time (sec) DF32 - capacity diagram (based on water) 4.00 3.50 3.00 2.50 2.00 1.50 1.00 0.50 0.00 Filling volume (ml) Filling time ( sec) PF22 - capacity diagram (based on water) The PF6 is the smallest of the Flexicon tabletop 0.1 1 10 100 1000 0.1 1 10 100 1000 filler range

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Flexicon - 10

A range of vial and cap sizes and tools are available for all cappers Cappers 10 Tabletop screw and crimp capping Cappers offer consistent quality crimps and torque When there is need to increase productivity, while minimizing operator fatigue and injury, our cappers can be added to your current process. Features offered by both crimp and screw cappers are • Consistent quality closure • Cap up to 1,000 units/hour • Fast change-overs Deciding which capper is right for the process depends on the capping needs. Each capper has specific benefits. Crimp cappers • High quality aluminum overseal •...

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Flexicon - 12

As the need for more automation grows the Watson-Marlow Flexicon’s product line meets the needs of flexible production of small batches. There is great care taken to minimize production downtime. Our design ensures sterile filling. The speed at which the vials/bottles are presented at the filling needle is fully adjustable, allowing light vials and bottles to be filled. Solutions can be designed to handle bottles with special shapes. The FF20, used in conjunction with one of our crimp or screw capping machines, provides a simple and flexible means of production. Tabletop Automation 12 • Low...

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Flexicon - 14

14 Semi-automatic filling and capping bottle handling • Ideal for flexible small-scale production • Protects operators from repetitive strain injuries • Consistent cap torque prevents leakage of liquid • Handles a wide range of bottles and caps • Up to 1,200 units/hour • Attractive cost/benefit • Complete cap and bottle change in 5 minutes • Fill bottles from 12 mm - 50 mm in diameter From time to time there is a need for a different type of filling and capping. Watson-Marlow Flexicon’s product line adapts to the changing needs of our customers. The FF30 is mainly made of stainless steel...

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Flexicon - 16

Automating the key steps of aseptic filling cuts the risk of operator error and related contamination. The peristaltic filling system like a FP50, eliminates the costs and issues of volumetric filling pumps. The FP50 is a very popular tabletop filling system for pharmaceutical research and development departments and biopharmaceutical companies. FP50 users can avoid sending delicate, expensive and critical products to outside filling facilities, which saves money, especially during clinical trial phases. FP50 16 A customized FP50 is built into an isolator so that the fl uid and the fi lled...

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