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For more than 30 years, Flexicon has been established as the preferred choice for aseptic liquid filling for GMP regulated industries, such as biotechnology and diagnostics. Flexicon’s products scale with your business, from stand-alone units for hand filling, through semi-automatic systems, to fully automatic filling, stoppering and capping machines. Systems are customised to fit a wide variety of vials and bottles. At the heart of all the Flexicon filling systems is the low shear, gentle pumping action of our peristaltic fillers which ensure your valuable product is transfered undamaged...

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A truly scalable filling solution Flexicon offers a range of products that can be validation costs and limits extra investment as built together to expand into larger systems as your demand for capacity increases. your needs grow. This scalable approach reduces Tabletop units Fillers Semi-automatic systems Filling Fully-automatic systems Automation of filling, stoppering, capping and weight check Modular filling and capping Solutions for integration or retrofit OEM fillers and controllers Trolley solutions for piston pump replacement

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PF7: Tabletop aseptic liquid filling The PF7 is the latest addition to Flexicon’s flexible, reliable and versatile range of peristaltic filling machines. Flexicon products are the preferred choice for the biotechnology and diagnostic industries, and the enhanced features and application-specific design of PF7 continues that trend. The PF7 has been developed for the filling of high-value sensitive fluids in GMP production and cleanroom environments. • Precision filling from as low as 0.2 ml • Repeatable filling accuracies of better than ± 0.5% to prevent costly over filling • No foaming,...

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Cappers ensure consistent quality crimps and torque When there is need to increase productivity, while minimising operator fatigue and repetitive strain injury, our cappers can be added to your current process. Features offered by both crimp and screw cappers are: • Consistent quality closure • Cap up to 1,000 units/hour • Fast changeovers Deciding which capper is right for the process depends on the capping needs. Each capper has specific benefits. Screw cappers • No tools needed for changeover • Handles caps up to 65 mm and bottle sizes up to 100 mm in diameter • Adjustable closing torque...

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Flexicon FlexFeed15 and FlexFeed20 Automatic filling and tabletop vial and bottle handling system As the need for more automation grows Flexicon’s product line meets the needs of flexible production of small batches in contract filling and diagnostics operations where there are many different sizes of bottles. FlexFeed systems are ideal for contract filling where there are many different sized bottles or vials The speed at which the vials/bottles are presented at the filling needle is fully adjustable, allowing light vials or bottles to be filled. Customised solutions can be designed to...

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Flexicon FlexFeed30 Semi-automatic filling and capping system for small batches For a higher productivity, a more consistent screw capping and no more repetitive strain injuries, the FlexFeed30 is the answer for contract manufacturers and diagnostic companies. Fills bottles from 12 mm to 50 mm in diameter • educed production costs and R increased productivity • onsistent cap torque prevents C leakage of liquid • Up to 1200 units/hour • rotects operators from repetitive P strain injuries • omplete cap and bottle change C in less than five minutes • ills bottles from 12 mm to 50 mm F in...

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Flexicon FP50 Fully automatic filling and stoppering Automating the key steps of aseptic filling cuts the risk of operator error and related contamination. The FP50 peristaltic filling system also eliminates the costs and risk issues of volumetric filling pumps. The FP50 is a tabletop filling system used for biopharmaceutical research and development departments during clinical trial phases, or for contract manufacturing companies where it will increase flexibility and save costs. I ncrease your flexibility when filling smaller batches—just one machine will fill all your vials Fills from...

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Flexicon FPC50 Fully automatic filling, stoppering and capping with optional inline check weighing • Optional software to support 21 CFR Part 11 1552/61.1 All dimensions in mm/inch. This drawing includes optional inline check weighing. The infeed tray can be mounted on the left side or on the front of the machine and the FPC50 can be customized for integration into RABS or isolators FPC50 crimping head for minimum air turbulence and fast changeover between caps A filling machine and single-use fluid path from one supplier makes validation easy and prevents costly overfilling • Software...

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Flexicon FMB210 Fully automatic filling, stoppering and capping for medium sized batches with easy setup and changover The FMB210 is perfect for fully automated filling and capping for aseptic drug, ophthalmic and diagnostic applications. It can handle a wide range of container and closure types. A unique tool platform allows simple, fast and accurate format changes where multiple products need to be processed on a single filler. It can be configured for a choice of infeed and outfeed options or other peripherals. Handles a wide range of containers and closure types • Ophthalmic and...

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Flexicon OEM system components Build custom production-scale filling systems of your own Master controllers Master controllers, such as the MC100 and the MC12, can control up to 16 pumps on a filling line. We supply stand-alone controllers, panel mounts and controllers for communication with filling line systems via PROFIBUS or DeviceNet. The MC100 receives filling data through an industrial fieldbus, calculates operating values for the fillers then transmits those through a FlexNet protocol to the fillers. Many filling machine manufacturers have already successfully incorporated Flexicon...

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