Every peristaltic pump for science


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Every peristaltic pump for science - 1

Every peristaltic pump for science

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Every peristaltic pump for science - 2

from Watson-Marlow Bredel The new standard in scientific pumping With over one million pumps sold, Watson-Marlow Bredel is the world's leading peristaltic pump manufacturer, entrusted with the handling of valuable, difficult and sensitive fluids in research, pilot and production processes everywhere that science is building our future. science Science and Watson-Marlow pumps lead the way. Sci-Q provides the very latest peristaltic technology in response to customer research, enabling you to match pump, task and budget for precise results without compromise. 1µl/ Intelligence is built into...

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Every peristaltic pump for science - 3

205U/CA low-flow multi-channel pumps • • Flow rates from 0.6 microlitres to 22ml/min per channel Eight planetary-driven stainless-steel rollers give extended tube life 180 :1 speed control range and 19 tube sizes give 36,000 :1 control range High precision, near-pulseless flow through 4 to 32 channels Manual control or analogue auto-control (up to 30V or 32mA) Change cassettes without stopping the pump or disturbing other channels The 200 series provides high-precision pulsation-free pumping. Flow control for each individual channel is provided by multi-turn "click-stop" pressure adjustment...

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Every peristaltic pump for science - 4

Autoclavable Marprene Solvent resistant Acid resistant Colour code Operating temperature range watson-marlow.com • sales@watson-marlow.com

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Every peristaltic pump for science - 5

Tube selection guide Choosing the best tube Watson-Marlow tubing is available in seven materials and over forty sizes, giving an extraordinary range of chemical and application capability. Watson-Marlow pumps are designed for Watson-Marlow tubing tolerances and performance, and no other tubing will provide comparable results. The tubing largely dictates pump performance: Its restitution creates suction, its strength resists pressure, its flex resistance determines pumping life, its bore defines the flow rate, and its wall thickness controls pumping efficiency. Marprene is Watson-Marlow's...

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Every peristaltic pump for science - 6

Sta-Pure has a unique composite construction of silicone in a PTFE lattice giving it superior burst resistance up to 7 bar (100psi) and 18 times longer life than silicone tubing. It produces virtually no spalling, is USP Class VI approved and is classified as non toxic. Working temperature range 0C to 80C. Opaque white. Autoclavable, SIP and CIP compatible. Chem-Sure is effectively pumpable PTFE - a high performance composite of PTFE and a high-grade fluoroelastomer - offering extraordinary chemical resistance, long life and very high burst pressures. Chem-Sure is USP Class VI and food...

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Every peristaltic pump for science - 7

Physical compatibility Temperature The chart shows the temperature range of each tubing type when suction and delivery pressures are negligible. Operating temperatures of Bioprene, Marprene, Chem-Sure, Sta-Pure and silicone tubing are limited to 80C, but all may be autoclaved up to 135C. -4F Marprene/Bioprene Silicone Neoprene Chem-Sure PVC Sta-Pure Pressure Choose the smallest bore size of tubing which will give the required flow rate. Marprene/Bioprene Silicone Neoprene Chem-Sure PVC Sta-Pure Low Pressure capability Suction As with pressure, choose the smallest bore of tube which will...

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Every peristaltic pump for science - 8

Tube life 102R tube life range (hours) No pressure. 32rpm. Clockwise rotation. 4.8mm (3/16") bore silicone tubing. Platinum silicone 313 and 314 pumphead tube life range (hours) No pressure. 110rpm. 6.4mm bore tubing. Marprene/Bioprene Platinum silicone 520R pumphead tube life range (hours): clockwise rotation No pressure. 220rpm. Clockwise rotation. 6.4mm bore tubing, except Marprene which was 4.8mm bore. Tube life Marprene/Bioprene Neoprene Platinum silicone 620R tube life range (hours) Conditions: Zero pressure. 100rpm. Clockwise rotation. 12.7mm bore tubing. Marprene/Bioprene Neoprene...

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Every peristaltic pump for science - 9

Watson-Marlow Bredel pumps bring you… • Easy to install, operate and maintain Contamination free pumping - ideal for shear-sensitive fluids, viscous sludges or slurries, and aggressive acids and caustics Virtually maintenance free - no expensive seals, valves, diaphragms or rotors to leak, clog or corrode Low flow single channel pumps. Fixed and manual/auto control variable speed. • Flow rates from 1µl/min to 53ml/min • Rapid and simple tube loading • Manual, auto and digital TTL control Accurate and repeatable flow rates • Flow rates from 0.6µl/min to 22ml/min per channel • Precise flow...

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Every peristaltic pump for science - 10

Designed for continuous duty - 24 hours/7 days Self-priming up to 9 metres (30 feet) and dry running Pumps act as their own check-valves Reversible flow direction eg: 101U/R = Manual/auto control variable speed with single channel pumphead Pumphead R Single channel pumphead R2 Single channel pumphead for 2.4mm wall tubing RE Single channel pumphead for LoadSure elements CA High precision multi-channel cassette pumphead D1 Single channel, four roller pumphead D Single channel, three or four roller, 'flip-top' pumphead DM2-3 Three channel pumphead for three bridge manifold tubing R1 Single...

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Every peristaltic pump for science - 11

United Kingdom United States of America Telephone 800 282 8823 Fax: 978 658 0041 Email support@wmbpumps.com www.watson-marlow.com Put a peristaltic in your process Single or multi-channel 2µl/min - 3 litre/min benchtop pumps with manual, remote, analogue, RS232 control and accurate dispensing. Ultra-compact scientific pumps for low flow single or multi-channel applications. The flow rate of all peristaltic pump tubing will reduce over time, with the majority of the change occurring in the first hours and days of use, after which the flow rate will stabilise. Maximum accuracy of metering and...

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