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• Flow rates from 0.01 up to 5.28 gpm and pressures up to 100 psi • Greater hose life minimizes maintenance costs • Easy upscale to higher flows • Repeatable dosing accuracy • Reliable direct-coupled drive technology

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NEW APEX ®, a revolutionary hose pump Bredel, part of the Watson-Marlow Pumps Group, is the world’s largest manufacturer of hose pumps. More than 100,000 Bredel pumps work worldwide to improve customer processes, while reducing operating costs. Leading the world in hose pump innovation, Bredel introduces its new APEX range, the optimized pump of choice for dosing, metering and transfer duties between 0.01 gallons and 5.28 gallons per minute. Robust, reliable, and flexible, APEX sets the new standard for lowering life cycle cost in tough industrial applications.

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REDUCE COSTS FLEXIBLE APEX offers a level of versatility unrivaled by any other positive displacement pump. APEX APEX pumps are engineered for uptime and process continuity. Through superior heat dissipation, precision machined hose elements and optimized hose compression, APEX has been designed to dramatically reduce hose element fatigue compared to other hose pumps. An occasional change of a long life hose element is all it takes to renew the pump in minutes. The benefit for APEX users is reduced maintenance intervals, leading to decreased cost of ownership. Operating costs are also less...

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PUMP DESIGN Offering flows up to 5.28 gpm, APEX is the hose pump of choice for continuous duty, precise dosing. A new generation of longlasting APEX hose elements now allow continuous pump speeds up to 100 rpm, achieving a far broader capacity range with unmatched flow stability. Hose pumps have no costly wearing components like seals, valves, membranes, stators, rotors or glands to maintain. Self-priming, dry running, and with no internal valves, hose pump technology also helps users improve their processes by Whether dosing into a process line at 100 psi or pumping fluids up to 176°F, a...

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The hose, a single component change, can be replaced in minutes Flow rate range 0.01-5.28 gpm, pressures up to 100 psi with a single pump New rotor design and hose fixation guarantee reliable operation at higher speeds (up to 140 rpm) Robust, compact, direct-coupled design, Fully Protected Drive (FPD) Cast aluminium pump housing, designed for superior heat dissipation Safe run dry, can pump without fluid continuously Precision machined hose elements, accurate flow rates ± 1% for long term metering accuracy

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Required 0.67 motor power [hp] 0.603 86 0.201 0.134 0.067 1 Pump speed [rpm] Capacity [gpm] Required motor power [hp] 0.80 Pump speed [rpm] Capacity [gpm] 1 Flow required indicates pump speed Required motor power [hp] 0.94 ps i kP a 3 Net motor power required 4 Product temperature 2 Calculated discharge pressure 5 Calculated discharge pressure 6 Maximum recommended pump speed Continuous Duty Intermittent Duty* * Maximum 3 hours operation followed by minimum 1 hour stop Pump speed [rpm] Capacity [gpm]

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• Shear-sensitive materials • Abrasive products • High-density fluids

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APPLICATIONS Clay and kaolin slurries Pulp Pigments Titanium dioxide Graphite slurry Lime and Kalic slurry Sodium hypochlorite Ferric chloride Flocculants and coagulants Yeast Diatomaceous earth Flocculants Stabilizers Filter press feed Dairy Meat products Sauces and pastes Diced vegetables Seafood Molasses

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Watson-Marlow Pumps Group has six world-class factories supported by direct sales operations in 25 countries and distributors in more than 50 countries. For contact details visit our website: Watson-Marlow Watson-Marlow online Our engineers around the world can help you choose the perfect pump and tubing for your needs. Watson-Marlow Pumps Group 37 Upton Technology Park Wilmington, MA 01887 The information contained in this document is believed to be correct at the time of publication, but WatsonMarlow Bredel BV accepts no liability for any error it...

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