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THE PERFECT TUBING FOR EVERY PART OF YOUR PROCESS The best tubing supplier for biopharm Purity, purity, purity As the world’s leading supplier of peristaltic pumps for the biopharmaceutical industry, we understand that we must provide a pumping package which meets your need for cleanliness, ease of use, control, tube life and reliability. We have brought this understanding to Watson-Marlow tubing. Biopharmaceutical products are too valuable to take any chances. The tube at the heart of your pump must provide the greatest purity and the most reliable and consistent performance possible -...

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THE PERFECT TUBING FOR EVERY PART OF YOUR PROCESS Sterile Filtration Filtration Filtration steps require • Wide range of flows • Increased pressures, longer runs Bioreactor Media Powder Mixing Vessel Final filling Final filling requires • Highest purity • Consistent, accurate fills • Possible single-use Media addition Additions require Cell Separation • Controllability • Chemical compatability • Long tube life Fermenter feed Fermenter feeds require Ion Ster Exchange Fil Pretration Filtra ile tion • High purity • Lowest

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FOR EVERY PART OF YOUR PROCE Choose your tube Our biopharm tubing offers absolute purity and reliability. It has the dimensional and restitutional accuracy essential to give long-life, repeatable performance. In addition, the right tubing for you must have the qualities needed for each part of your process. Watson-Marlow offers tubing in five pharmaceutical grade materials and over 40 sizes, giving an extraordinary range of application capability. Pumpsil Platinum-cured silicone tubing > Single-use biopharm tubing > Laser-etched lot traceability > Excellent flow stability Range of materials...

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THE PERFECT TUBING FOR EVERY PART OF YOUR PROCESS The single-use specialists Watson-Marlow supply fully customised, single-use solutions to meet our customers’ needs. From a single filling line to detailed assemblies for processes such as cell culture and purification, we provide solutions for your process requirements. LoadSure elements with D-connectors allow your pump tubing to be changed in under one minute, without special skills, to achieve perfect tube alignment and tension. • Total reliability and high-pressure pumping • Tri-clamp sanitary connectors in PVDF • Sterilisable by...

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THE PERFECT TUBING FOR EVERY PART OF YOUR PROCESS Low extractables All our Pumpsil platinum-cured silicone tubing is post-cured to remove linear and cyclic siloxanes, which can leach out of other platinum-cured tubing materials and contaminate biopharmaceutical products. Post-curing also tightens the material’s molecular bonds, maximising resistance to stress, maintaining dispensing accuracy and increasing tube life. Bespoke service Need a non-standard bore size? Precise cut lengths? An etched definition or message on your silicone tubing? We handle special needs for many of our customers,...

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TRIED AND TESTED RESEARCH BASED CREDENTIALS Ensuring the purity of platinum-cured silicone Watson-Marlow tubing is backed by testing and research which underpin its competition-beating qualities and make it totally trustworthy in the biopharmaceutical field. Here we present extracts from papers which demonstrate our research-based credentials. Although platinum-cured silicone tubing is industry standard, platinum curing, in itself, does not guarantee a high level of tubing purity with low/safe levels of extractables. Watson-Marlow achieves ultimate purity by driving off cytotoxic...

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Ideal for: Single-use biopharm applications. Accurate metering, transfer and filtration Developed for the biopharmaceutical industry, Pumpsil is exceptionally pure tubing offering an ultra-smooth bore which helps minimise protein binding and ensure high purity in the finished product. • Fully documented biocompatibility and comprehensive validation pack • Absolute traceability with laser-etched part number, lot number and use-by date • Excellent flow stability for accurate process control • Comprehensive stock of a wide range of sizes • Suitable for single-use applications Pure...

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PureWeld’XL Weldable biopharmaceutical tubing The high performance weldable pump tube High performance, weldable TPE tubing Guaranteed supply continuity and product support from the leading manufacturer of fluid technology solutions. PureWeld XL delivers a safe and consistent process, using equipment and consumables designed to work together. Secure - delivers significantly longer pump life than a leading TPE competitor Designed for secure, cost effective peristaltic pumping and transfer duties, PureWeld XL delivers longer pump life than leading TPE competitors. PureWeld XL has excellent...

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For long life and chemical compatibility Suitable for upstream and downstream biopharmaceutical proceeses, Bioprene offers exceptionally long peristaltic life, ensuring process security. Bioprene demonstrates a broad chemical compatibility; especially resistance to strong acids, alkalis and oxidising agents. Bioprene is widely applicable in biopharmaceutical manufacturing operations such as metering, transfer and filtration. It is ideal for media feed and pH control in fermentation and metering tablet coating materials. Bioprene is also suitable for a variety of applications in the food and...

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Ideal for: Demanding applications including tangential flow filtration STA-PURE PCS pump tubing provides long term performance with repeatable accuracy, vital in pharmaceuticals and other high technology industries. • Pressure rated up to 7 bar (100 psi) • Longest available tube life • STA-PURE PCS's bore is three times smoother than thermoplastic elastomer tubing, with no grooves or cracking developing as flexing continues • Spallation virtually eliminated, leaving high-value duty fluids uncontaminated Unbeatable value for life STA-PURE PCS has a unique composite construction of silicone...

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