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Waters and your workflow Purification is at the heart of laboratory analysis. It’s the foundation of every lab analysis, whether focused on pharmaceutical/ life science, chemical materials, food/fragrances, or environmental applications. Whether it’s dedicated to commercial, academic, or government research. It can be easy to take a process that’s so common for granted. But…we don’t. It’s true that Waters® has long led the way in expanding the boundaries of what laboratory technology can achieve and laboratory professionals can expect. We bring that same commitment to our purification...

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Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences “Because impurity identification is an essential part of the manufacture of fine chemicals, I have to rely on instruments that can process samples with the highest purity and highest yield. An uncharacterized impurity can affect the properties of my final product, so I need solutions that can be counted on throughout my process.” “The shorter my development cycle, the faster my products go to market, and many times doctors and patients are waiting for our discoveries. That’s why we’re always looking for ways to improve efficiencies that maintain our...

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Waters Purification Solutions The heart of the matter Waters’ robust purification solutions are flexible, scalable, and easily integrated. From high-throughput fraction collection of hundreds of samples, to purifying just a handful of samples a day, Waters enhances the speed and reliability of your lab’s workflow. There are significant benefits of having multiple Waters instruments in your lab. Each of the three techniques for purifying samples can complement the others, and this orthogonal perspective gained by purifying with more than one technique allows for greater ability to discover...

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