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2013 Product Guide - 2

What happens in laboratories becomes part of our lives. The development of new, ground-breaking medicines that make us healthier. Quality control for the food we eat, the beverages we drink and the water we depend on. Solutions for the safety of plastics, polymers, and synthetics that become the clothes we wear, the toys our children play with. Early detection and treatment of diseases. Higher standards for a cleaner environment. It all begins with the analytical technologies from Waters—and the science of what’s possible. To discover what’s possible in your world, visit waters.com....

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2013 Product Guide - 3

Contents 2 Industries 4 2013 New and Featured Solutions 10 Waters Analytical Standards and Reagents 12 Consumables 12 and SFC Column Solutions HPLC 14 Column Solutions UPLC 16 Column Solutions APC 17 2 Column Solutions UPC 18 Bioseparations and Analyses Solutions 20 Preparation Solutions Sample 23 Informatics and Software 24 Separations Science 24 APC 26 2 UPC 28 UPLC 32 2D UPLC 34 for Process Development and Manufacturing UPLC 36 nanoscale UPLC 38 nanoscale UPLC with HDX Technology 40 HPLC 42 Mass Spectrometry 42 Enabling Technologies 44 Quadrupole MS Single 46 of Flight MS Time 48...

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2013 Product Guide - 4

Designed by scientists for scientists Purposeful innovations are always the result of a collaborative vision. Chemical Materials Waters ® medical devices offer clinical diagnostic thorough understanding chemical materials that laboratories. Whatever help manufacturers cost-effectively accelerate throughput, trace detection, integrated system solutions complex matrices, data provide improved accuracy processes, and ensure final the highest quality results. product quality.

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2013 Product Guide - 5

How do you stay at the forefront of your industry? Which analytical issues cause you the most concern? Whatever the industry, whatever the challenges, Waters’ world-leading solutions will help drive you to the answer. Built on the shoulders of ground-breaking technology, Waters’ unrivaled expertise encompasses the following industries: Food A leader in developing Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences food testing systems, Waters’ comprehensive more about creating an solutions enable food innovative, commercially successful drug research diverse chemical compounds, meet than Waters. No matter...

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2013 Product Guide - 6

Paradigm™ Scientific Polymer Chromatography™ Search Software enables System (APC™) defines a new fast, easy, high value polymer analysis that gives chemical information across for UPLC Columns. Based you more information about enterprise information your polymers faster than repositories to provide vital core particle, CORTECS ever before. Combining Columns enable higher low-dispersion system fluidics (including refractive index thereby greater resolution detection) with rigid, small organizations. Easy access particle columns of a wide range to critical information helps of pore sizes, the...

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2013 Product Guide - 7

The ACQUITY UPC 2™ System dramatically The ACQUITY Refractive Index Detector improves your laboratory’s workflow by providing selectivity unmatched by any systems. This detection technology has other chromatographic technique. While been optimized for the challenges of UPLC enabling you to address routine and complex detection. Its low-dispersion performance separation challenges, UPC 2® Technology matches the requirements of isocratic UPLC delivers reliability, robustness, sensitivity, separations to bring you detection and and throughput never before possible. reliable quantification of...

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2013 Product Guide - 8

The Prep 150 LC System is the perfect The New SYNAPT G2-Si High Definition combination of intuitive ChromScope™ MS system features higher mass resolving Software and robust performance. Available power and enhanced use of T-Wave™ as an automated or a manual system, it is ion mobility separations with a suite of perfectly suited for initial workflow criteria powerful targeted data acquisition and where rapid preparative separations of data processing Informatics enhancements. complex mixtures are required. This makes the unique benefits of HDMS technology routinely available to more...

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2013 Product Guide - 9

Omics Research Platform Solution combines our state-of-the-art UPLC/MS and UPLC/HDMS™ instruments with simple, scalable TransOmics™ Informatics in collaboration with our partner, Nonlinear Dynamics. This powerful combination unlocks information utilizing a common, easy-to-use workflow across all applications – from proteomics to metabolomics to lipidomics – delivering faster, more accurate results than ever before. Scientists now have a streamlined approach to conduct high-quality experiments in biomarker discovery and validation, perfect for pharmaceutical and life sciences research, as...

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2013 Product Guide - 10

Biopharmaceutical Platform Solution Regulated Bioanalysis Platform Solution with UNIFI integrates robust UPLC/ with UNIFI meets the worldwide call for MS characterization technology with new, ground-breaking drugs with future the UNIFI Scientific Information System. focused DMPK platforms. By combining UNIFI is an industry-first comprehensive software solution that unites all aspects mass spectrometers with ACQUITY UPLC of biotherapeutic analyses and workflows, systems, the globally standard Oasis ® and enabling organizations to apply high- Ostro™ Sample Preparation Technologies, resolution...

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2013 Product Guide - 11

Metabolite Identification Screening Platform Pesticide Screening Application Solution with Solution with UNIFI is Application Solution UNIFI is the world’s most with UNIFI delivers the comprehensive metabolite ease-of-use, sensitivity, spectrometry instruments, stability, reproducibility, scientist with identifying and characterizing metabolites designed to work together profitably perform pesticide accurate data and results. compliance with regulatory reliably report the presence to work with a common residues, easily streamline information comprised complex matrices. in both discovery and...

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2013 Product Guide - 12

Waters Analytical Standards and Reagents Waters Analytical Standards and glass degradation due to glass matrix Reagents focus entirely on preparation, hydrolytic attack. Other products include testing, documentation, and qualification of everyday solvents, additives and modifiers, instrument diagnostic standards, system Quality Control Reference Materials (QCRM) Why continue making your own standards when Waters makes it easier? Waters ready- performance standards, and application specific standards. To learn more, visit www.waters.com/cleancontainers to-use QCRMs are the simplest and...

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