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Tornado Nozzle Janus 50 D/2/2 x 1.6 Brief description Technical data The rotating Tornado Nozzle Janus 50.. runs with compressed air and provides for a highly effective and speedy cleaning of different surfaces. Both blowing intensity and blowing direction are adjustable and provide for a versatile application. The nozzle is also available as an integral part of the high performance Tornado Channel Luna. Tornado Nozzle Janus 50 D/2/2 x 1.6 Two variable speed drive nozzles provide for smooth, regular rotations even if compressed air supply varies. There are two cleaning nozzles with a pulsating jet of air that may be activated together or individually. Nozzle diameters may be adjusted without tools depending on the application. This reduces compressed air consumption considerably. Blowing direction may be adjusted flexibly to suit the respective cleaning task by changing the angle of the air jet. 6 bar, filtered Category 5 (DIN ISO 8573-1) 119 l/min - 223 l/min G 1/4“ thread Ø 49.5 mm Setting 1: Ø 0.0 mm “ 2: Ø 0.8 mm “ 3: Ø 1.1 mm “ 4: Ø 1.4 mm “ 5: Ø 1.6 mm axially and radially approx. 650 - 740 rpm any 72 dB(A) - 83 dB(A) with 6 bar and 2 x 0.8 mm or 2 x 1.6 mm nozzle diameter nozzle diameter may be adjusted without tools 3 with 2.5 bar or 6 bar 2 Technical data are subject to change Functional description Compressed air Quality Consumption1 Connection Rotatiting disk Blowing nozzles (2 units)2 Blowing direction Regulated speed3 Integration position Acoustic emission1

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Germany Wandres GmbH micro-cleaning Im Gewerbepark 8 79252 Stegen Tel. +49 (0)7661- 9330-0 4179304 Tornado Nozzle Janus 50 D/2/2 x 1.6 10005418 Speed control Clamping device with inductive sensor Technical data: - 2 Signals / rotation - Operating voltage 24 V DC - Operating current 100 mA - Visual function display Wandres Corporation 719 W. Ellsworth Rd., Suite 7 Wandres Cleaning Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. USA-Ann Arbor, MI 48108 755B, Tower 3, No. 88 Keyuan Road

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