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Sword Brush BIX 102.. / BIZ 102 - 1

Brief description The Sword Brushes BIX 102.. and BIZ 102.. are ideal to clean panels and boards that have large quantities of dust on the surface, e.g. floor laminates after sanding. In order to provide for a continuous, high quality cleaning result, it is recommended to have a reinforced self-cleaning mechanism if abrasive and electrically charged laminate dusts occur. The brush filaments are micro-moistened with the antistatic cleaning agent Ingromat® and may thus thoroughly remove even the tiniest dust particles. An integrated pressure buffer provides for a constant wiping force and ensures effective cleaning results even with slightly uneven surfaces. Technical details Pmax = A-160 (max. panel width) - 1 Sword Brush BIX 102.. or BIZ 102.. with two parallel linear brushes, pressure buffer and Ingromat® system. Necessary components: Ingromat® regulator and filter unit.

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Sword Brush BIX 102.. / BIZ 102 - 2

Order code Ordering example The subject panel has a max. width of Pmax= 800 mm. Miniminum nominal width of Sword Brush: Amin = Pmax + 160 mm = 960 mm. The most suitable Sword Brush has a nominal width of A = 1000 mm. Order code 2283-007 describes BIX 102/VM/1000 Self-cleaning nozzles Standard Order no. 4163340 Reinforced Order no. 4158462 We recommend the reinforced version for applications with high levels of dust. Explanation A Nominal width of Sword Brush = Distance between deviation rollers Pmax max. panel width = A - 160 mm

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Sword Brush BIX 102.. / BIZ 102 - 3

Ingromat® cleaning system Ingromat® is an antistatic cleaning agent. The brush filaments are micro-moistened with Ingromat® thus providing an effective removal of even very fine dust particles Ingromat® container Micro-moistened brush filament with Ingromat® (shown in green) Ingromat® sprayer SQL 102.. 2 x Distributor block VTB 100.. Ingromat® regulator and filter unit IR 100.. Ingromat® filter, dosage and display of inner pressure of pressure buffer Option: Ingromat® central supply pump, e.g. IS 102 (self-priming, pneumatic pump with two membranes, a filter regulator and an oil free air...

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Sword Brush BIX 102.. / BIZ 102 - 4

Electrical details Drive Sword Brush Main valve Pneumatic details Compressed air quality Compressed air connection Compressed air consumption Fluidics Ingromat® hose connection Ingromat® consumption Suction requirements Suction connection/capacity Suction capacity Operating parameters Acoustic emission Linear brush Linear brush type Filament material Filament length Filament-0 Transport speed Max. transport speed Dimensions of subject panel Min. panel length Min. panel width Max. panel width filtered (max. particle size < 40pm), oil free (residual oil < 1.5 mg/m3 at 24° C) 1 x 1/2" female...

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