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Robot Sword Brush - 1

Brief description The Robot Sword Brush BIR 46.. is ideal to clean objects with complex geometries that have concave or convex surfaces. It may be used to clean car bodies or plastic molded parts before lacquering, printing or converting processes. The contact area of the circulating linear brush is mounted on a flexible, compressed air controlled pressure buffer. In the centre of the working area, the linear brush may adapt to different surface contours of up to -30 mm / + 10 mm in relation to a flat surface. The brush filament tips are micro-moistened with an antistatic cleaning agent (Ingromat®). This will ensure that even the most minute dust particles are removed effectively. The material surface will remain dry during the process. A field bus system controls the Ingromat® and compressed air supply. It also monitors the exhaust air volume flow, the circulating movement of the linear brush and the distance to the material surface (crash monitoring function). Technical features 1 x Sword Brush BIR 46... with flexible pressure buffer that is controlled pneumatically 1 x Ingromat® measuring and regulating unit for a precise micro-moistening of the filament tips 1 x field bus system (e.g. Profibus) 1 x three-phase alternomotor without ventilator (suitable for Clean Rooms) 1 robot flange according to customer's specification 2 x grip handle and lay down brackets Options and accessories 2 x teach-in plug gauge including support Test gauge: Welded frame to accommodate robot flange including calliper gauge

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Robot Sword Brush - 2

Functioning of Robot Sword Brush Individual brush filament Ingromat® micro-moistening (shown green for clarity) The material surface remains dry and is cleaned effectively Capillary attraction will bind minute particles to the brush filaments Suction system with flow meter Robot flange Effective removal of particles via exhaust air volume flow Adaptation to different robots according to customer specification Ingromat® sprayer Micro-moistening of linear brush filaments Flexible pressure buffer Provides effective cleaning of concave and convex surfaces as linear brush can adapt to surface...

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Robot Sword Brush - 3

BIR 46.. t Ordering example The motor of the Robot Sword Brush may either be installed to the right or to the left of the flange. Order no. 1376-007 describes a Robot Sword Brush BIR 46/1/1000 with motor position C, i.e. the motor is positioned to the left of the flange. (T) Robot Sword Brush (B position) (2) Robot Sword Brush (C position) (3) Suction filter (3) Ingromat® central supply pump IS 14 (5) Ingromat® central supply pump IS 12 @ Ingromat® 1000 litre container (7) Collecting tray (8) Liquid level monitoring with ultrasonic sensor ® Separating element for liquid level sensor @...

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Robot Sword Brush - 4

v\ BIR 46.. t Electrical Brush drive motor Voltage Output Type of protection Pneumatic Compressed air consumption Compressed air quality Required compressed air connection Suction Suction connection Suction capacity Acoustic emission 3 phase alternomotor without ventilator, suitable for Clean Rooms, UL-version 400 V ± 10%; 3 PH + PE; 50 Hz 480 V ± 10%; 3 PH + PE; 60 Hz 0.12 kW IP 55 230 l/min, (continuous operation) filtered (max. particle size < 40pm), oil free (residual oil < 1.5 mg/m3 at 24° C) 0 8 mm, 6 bar 1 x 0 50 mm 3 m3/min. (recommended flow velocity 25 m/s) Liquid Ingromat® hose...

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