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Brief description The PCL Cleaner is ideal for the double-sided cleaning of small plates such as stamped plates, circuit boards, blanks or identification labels. Driven transport and pressure rollers at the infeed and the outfeed of the machine ensure that parts are kept in a precise position during transport and cleaning. Two Sword Brushes wipe crosswise to the transport direction removing even the tiniest particles with their integrated micro-moistened brush filaments (Ingromat® system). An integrated pressure buffer provides for a constant wiping force and a consistent high-quality cleaning result. Technical details 2 x Sword Brush BIX 51/1M/A with pressure buffer, Ingromat® system and an Ingromat® regulator and filter unit IR 100.. 2 x driven transport rollers with Ø 24 mm at the infeed and at the outfeed 2 x spring mounted pressure rollers with Ø 24 mm at the infeed and at the outfeed adjustment frame VEG 25/600, with mechanical height adjustment (standard). An electrical and/or pneumatic height adjustment is available as an option. 1 x control and pneumatic cabinet to control the drive of the transport rollers A = nominal width Pmax = A - 160 ((max. width of plates) 644 Pass line

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Ordering example The subject plates have a max. width of Pmax = 450 mm. Minimum nominal width of PCL Cleaner: Amin = Pmax + 160 mm = 610 mm. The most suitable PCL Cleaner has a nominal width of A = 650 mm. Order no. 2374-005 corresponds to PCL Cleaner 121/600/650 A Nominal width of Sword Brush = distance between deviation roller shafts max. width of plate = A - 160 mm Width of transport carrier = 310 mm = max. recommended cleaning width Distance between screw down area and lower surface of plates = 188 mm (standard), adjustable 180 - 280 mm Wiping direction Upper and lower Sword Brushes...

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Transport and pressure rollers Drive motor Precise conveying technology At the indeed and the outfeed, the PCL Cleaner has a transport carrier containing driven transport rollers and spring mounted pressure rollers. As a result, small plates may be transported through the machine while maintaining their exact position. Even plates that are hardly larger than a business card, may be cleaned from above and from below using brush cleaning technology and the Ingromat system. A flexible bedding of the linear brushes on a pressure buffer provides for a constant wiping pressure and delivers...

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PCL Cleaner 121.. Electrical details Brush drive motor Drive transport rollers Connection data for control cabinet Main valve Electrical height adjustment (HVE) Pneumatic quick adjustment (HVP) Pneumatic details Compressed air quality Compressed air connection Compressed air consumption 2 x 0.25 kW SEW motor, IP 54, UL-compatible 50 Hz; A 220 - 240 V; 1.14 A; Y 380 - 415 V; 0.66 A 60 Hz; 240 - 266 V; 1.03 A; 415 - 480 V; 0.6 A 2 x 48 V DC; 10 A; 70 W (integrated within control cabinet) 0.5 kW; 3 Ph + PE 400 - 480V AC; 50-60 Hz 2/2 control valve: 1 x 24 V DC; 1.5 W 24 V DC; 160 W; control...

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