Evomat™ EVO 500


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Evomat™ EVO 500 - 1

Evomat™ EVO 500.. Effective cleaning of blanks and body skin components / / / / / Perfect cleanliness before the press Cleaning of aluminium and steel blanks from above and below, switching back and forth as required Consistent and high-quality cleaning results Avoids particle-related damage to the press tools and to the blanks Dry cleaning system without emulsion cleaner Low operating and maintenance costs

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Evomat™ EVO 500 - 2

Self-cleaning mechanism Particles and surplus lubricants are detached from the brush filaments by a rotating rack O and compressed air nozzles 0 and removed through heated suction connections ©. Aerosols containing lubricants are separated from the air flow via a cyclone separator Q and collected in an easily accessible receptacle. Precise conveying technology for multiple blanks The conveyor and pressure rollers are driven on both sides and ensure safe transport of multiple blanks side by side without any displacements. The transport speed can be steplessly adjusted between 0 and 180...

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