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Brief description The Cevomat™ CVOC 17.. machine has been designed for the double-sided cleaning of steel, stainless steel, aluminium and non-ferrous metal coils. Metal coils may be cleaned before rolling, before levelling and before or after galvanising. The Cevomat cleans metal strips with both dry and oil-based lube, switching back and forth as required. Technical details Pmax = A -280 (Max. coil width - 4 x Sword Brushes CVO 51..with flexible pressure buffer - Ingromat® system system for the self-cleaning of the brushes including oil filters. Optional heating / cyclone to separate hot melts. - 2 x horizontal collective suction connections - 1 x adjustment frame VEG 40 with pneumatic quick adjustment HVP that serves as a Crash Protection. A laser light barrier is available as an option. - 1 x robust protective frame with guide plates - 1 x control and pneumatic cabinet - Option: Base frame or driven chassis

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Ordering example The subject metal web has a max. width of Pmax = 2400 mm. Pmax + 280 mm = 2680 mm Nominal width of the Cevomat should therefore be A = 2750 mm. Order no. 053-016 describes CVOC 17/460/2750 Explanation A Nominal width = centre distance between deviation rollers of linear brushes. Pmax maximum width of subject web Pmax = A – 280 mm PL Pass line = working height Distance between screw down area and lower web surface = 475 mm (standard, without chassis) other dimensions on request T Depth in transport direction = 460 mm Lifting of brushes Sword Brushes at the infeed and the...

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Cevomat TM CVOC 17 - 3

Flexible pressure buffer The linear brushes are mounted on flexible pressure buffers. These buffers compensate material thickness variations and provide for a consistent wiping pressure even with wavy webs. Furthermore, the linear brushes are guided in a parallel way. This type of guide keeps the linear brushes in place so that they cannot tilt in transport direction if the webs move at high speed. Brush filaments will always be in a vertical position in relation to the material surface and will thus yield premium cleaning results. Crash Protection In crash situations, a pneumatic...

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Cevomat TM CVOC 17 - 4

Electrical details Sword Brush drive motor Main valve Sword Brushes Electrical height adjustment (HVE) Pneumatic quick adjustment (HVP) Pneumatic details Compressed air quality Compressed air connection Compressed air consumption 2 x 0.25 kW SEW motor, IP 54, UL-compatible 50 Hz; A 220 - 240 V; 1.14 A; Y 380 - 415 V; 0.66 A 60 Hz; A 240 - 266 V; 1.03 A; 415 - 480 V; 0.6 A 2/2 directional valve: 1 x 24 V DC; 1.5 W 24 V DC; 160 W; control via PLC 5/3 directional valve: 2 x 24 V DC; 1.08 W filtered (particle size < 40|jm), oil free (residual oil < 1.5 mg/m3 at 24° C) 1 x 1/2" female thread; 6...

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