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Volumetric Micro- Batch Feeders MBF  Brochure - 1

Volumetric Micro-Batch Feeders Volumetrische Mikrodosierer Microdoseurs volumétriques Microdosatori volumetrici MBF

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Volumetric Micro- Batch Feeders MBF  Brochure - 3

MBF Micro-Batch Feeder for continuous volumetric feeding of powdery or granular materials consist of a body entirely manufactured from stainless steel (optionally steel-reinforced SINT® engineering polymer), a horizontally mounted rotating agitator tool, a feeder screw beneath the agitator tool, a feeder pipe enclosing the protruding feeder screw, one drive unit each for agitator and feeder screw. Function MBF series Micro-Batch Feeders for powder and granular product feeding are particularly suitable for poorly flowing materials which tend to clog, along with adhesive products. MBF...

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Volumetric Micro- Batch Feeders MBF  Brochure - 4

Performance & Technical Features - Benefits - Internal geometry of the body guarantees free flow of difficult materials - Minimum clearance between screw flight and feeder pipe ensuring high precision feeding - Easy and quick maintenance due to small number of components - High degree of homogeneity of the fed material - Easy and quick cleaning due to engineering SINT® polymer non-stick surface and quick access panel Options & Accessories - Units in FDA-approved food-grade SINT® engineering polymer or completely in stainless steel - Electric or pneumatic vibrators Leistungsdaten &...

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A = Fine Powders Feine Pulver Poudres fines Polveri fini B = Granular Granulat Granulés Granulare C = Fibres Fasern Fibreux Fibroso D = Flakes Flocken Flocons Fiocchi A B C D aerates - fluidisiert - aérabilité - aerabilità packs under pressure - verpresst unter Druck - compressible sous pression - impaccamento sotto pressione hygroscopic - hygroskopisch - hygroscopique - igroscopico high bulk density - hohes Schüttgewicht - poids spécifique haut - alto peso specifico low bulk density - niedriges Schüttgewicht - poids spécifique bas - basso peso specifico corrosive - korrosiv - corrosif -...

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