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TECU is a modular filter designed for the collection of fumes generated by sheet metal processing machines. Due to negative pressure created by a fan, fume is sucked through special cartridge filter elements inside the filter casing which retain the pollutant particles. On request the TECU filter can be equipped with the accessories RECOFIL™ and EASYFILL™ for automatic recovery and disposal of the filtered dust. FUME & DUST FILTER FOR SHEET METAL PROCESSING MACHINES AUTOMATIC DUST RECOVERY SYSTEM Optional Economical Reduces management costs Zero labour for filter emptying Reliable No...

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TECU filters are designed for the application on all types of laser or plasma cutting machines. 2 6 3 1 4 5 5 FLR 04 S 52 4 ( 52 m2 *) FLR 06 S 78 6 ( 78 m2 *) FLR 08 S 104 8 ( 104 m2 *) FLR 12 S 156 12 ( 156 m2* ) Thanks to its modular structure, a large variety of configurations is possible in terms of both filter surface area and filter assembly. * filter surface area MODULAR DESIGN

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MODULAR BULK BAG FILLING SYSTEM WITH FILTER Optional Economical minimises recovery and disposal costs Transportable reduces logistics and storage costs Practical reduces assembly costs and allows adjustment to different Bulk Bag sizes Versatile easy to use and reduces management costs Ecological keeps work environment clean and safeguards operator safety Up to 4 filter units The EASYFILL™ Bulk Bag filling system can manage simultaneously up to 4 RECOFIL™ dust recovery devices. EASY MAINTENANCE Interchangeable standard filter cartridges Horizontally mounted easy & safe-to-extract filter...

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Eliminates machine downtime and non-productive work phases, cutting management costs at the same time. ANNUAL MANAGEMENT COSTS REDUCED MANAGEMENT COSTS QUICK RETURN ON INVESTMENT In combination with the innovative RECOFIL™ dust recovery device and the new EASYFILL™ Bulk Bag filling system, the TECU filter guarantees • Management cost reduction from the first year • Maintenance cost reduction Competitor with screw conveyor TECU with RECOFIL™ Competitor with bucket SAVINGS IN TIME PLASMA LASER MANAGEMENT COSTS IN 5 YEARS PLASMA LASER

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The ideal solution for fume de-dusting from sheet metal processing: Modular with possible scale-up Adaptable to every installation Reduced maintenance costs Conformity with health & safety standards 063001628 11/10 Rights reserved to modify technical specifications.

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