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Stainless Steel Screw conveyors CX-TX Brochure


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Stainless Steel Screw conveyors CX-TX Brochure - 2

CX trough-type and TX tubular type screwconveyors and feeders are suitable for all those applications where perfect cleanliness, contamination-free operation, weather and corrosion-resistance play an essential role. In particular, they are used in environmental technology, in animal feed, food processing and packaging, as well as flour milling, in plastics processing, for chemicals andpharmaceuticals. CX Trogschnecken und TX Rohrschneckenaus Edelstahl finden berall dort Verwen-dung, wo Witterungs- bzw. Korrosionsbe-stndigkeit sowie ein sauberer, kontamina-tionsfreier Betrieb eine...

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Stainless Steel Screw conveyors CX-TX Brochure - 3

Intermediate hanger bearing with self-lubricating synthetic bush Shaft coupling Wellenverbindung Zwischenlager mit selbstschmierenderSynthetik-Gleitlagerbuchse Accouplement spire Palier intermdiaire avec embout en matiriau plastique autolubrifiant Accoppiamento spira Supporto intermedio con boccola inmateriale plastico autolubrificante End bearing assembly with adjustable packing gland End bearing assembly with adjustablepacking gland Endlagereinheit mit einstellbarerStopfbuchsenabdichtung Endlagereinheit mit einstellbarerStopfbuchsenabdichtung Support palier d驒extrmit avec groupe驩tanchit 驠...

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Stainless Steel Screw conveyors CX-TX Brochure - 5

Drop bottom troughs Abklappbare Trge Fonds ouvrables Fondi apribili Drive with coupling Antrieb mit Kupplung Entranement par accouplement Trasmissione con giunto Double pitch outlet screw Doppelg殤ngige Auslauf-Schneckenwendel Spire double principe la sortie Spira a doppio principio allo scarico Intermediate collar bearing Auࠟen-Gleitlager Support palier intermdiaire frottant Supporto intermedio strisciante Intermediate hanger bearing with splined shaft Zwischenlager mit Evolventenkeilwelle Support palier intermdiaire avec arbre cannel驩 Supporto intermedio con albero calettato Inspection...

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Stainless Steel Screw conveyors CX-TX Brochure - 7

Tapered inlet spout Konischer Einlauf Bouche dentrҩe conique Bocca di carico conica Shoe inlet Konisch eingezogener Einlauf Bouche dentrҩe section variable Bocca di carico a sezione variabile Square and rectangular inlet spouts Quadratische und rechteckige Einlufe Bouches dऒentre carres et rectangulaires Bocche di carico quadrate e rettangolari Inspection hatch Inspektionsklappe Trappe de visite Portello d驒ispezione Flow regulator Materialfluregler Rߩgleur de flux Regolatore di flusso Screw in SINT > AL Schneckenwendel aus SINT > ή ALSpire en SINT > AL Spira in SINT > ή AL Inlet hopper...

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Stainless Steel Screw conveyors CX-TX Brochure - 8

N.B.: Rights reserved to modify technical specifications. N.B.: Angaben ohne Gewhr. nderungen k䄶nnen ohne Vorankndigung vorgenommen werden. N.B.: Toutes donnes port쩩es dans le prsent catalogue nengagent pas le fabricant. Elles peuvent 钪tre modifies tout moment. N.B.: Tutti i dati riportati nel presente catalogo non sono impegnativi e possono subire variazioni in qualsiasi momento. >

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