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SEPCOM™ Biogas Digestate Treatment System MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR BIOGAS DIGESTATE The SEPCOM™ system is a comprehensive range of equipment designed to turn your biogas digestate from waste into a valuable resource. Raw digestate as such can be used in agriculture only within certain limits. Due to its high solids content, it is also extremely difficult waste to be disposed of. To make the most of your digestate you need to separate it into a solid and a liquid phase. Solid Phase Liquid Phase turns into: turns into: a high-quality organic soil conditioner an enriched liquid fertiliser • Easy...

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DIGESTATE SEPARATORS Separators are the core of a SEPCOM™ Biogas plant as they allow to separate the digestate into a solid and a liquid phase. With high performance SINT™ engineering polymer screw flights and a stainless steel design, SEPCOM™ Biogas is available in three distinct model versions. The choice mainly depends on the amount of fibre present in the digestate and on the required flow rate. SEPCOM™ Biogas Vertical INTERNATIONAL PATENT PENDING The perfect choice for biogas plants producing irregularly shaped digestate low in fibre. %/ Never loses the solid plug >/ Stable feeding due...

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Micro-filtered digestate liquid can be used for fertigation or in systems that reuse the liquid to dilute the dry matter fed into the anaerobic digesters in biogas plants. SEPCOM™ MFT Micro-Filter INTERNATIONAL PATENT PENDING The SEPCOM™ MFT Micro-Filter is used to fine-screen the liquid phase of a previous solids-liquid separation process. >/ High filtration efficiency due to stainless steel screen down to 15pm (0.015mm) >/ Self-cleaning >/ Low operating costs ACCESSORIES Prior to separation and micro-filtration, raw digestate may contain lumpy solids or fibre that could disrupt...

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Vertical screws manufactured from SINT™ polymer to ensure no clogging and no solid plug loss INTERNATIONAL PATENT * The flow rate is intended with clean water. Its real value depends on the type of material treated, on configuration of the equipment, as well as use and maintenance conditions. SEPCOM™ Biogas Horizontal Digestate Separator INTERNATIONAL PATENT Wear-resistant SINT™ polymer screw SEPCOM™ WSA Submersible AgitatorsSEPCOM™ WSP Submersible Chopper Pumps RANGE

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Ancillary Equipment SEPCOM™ SCP control panel COMPACT MICRO-FILTRATION PLANT SEPARATION AND MICRO-FILTRATION PLANT 063002618 October 2016 Rights reserved to modify technical specifications. SEPCOM”

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