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Rotary Valve RV – RVR


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Rotary Valve RV – RVR - 1


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Rotary Valve RV – RVR - 2

High filling efficiency and precise metering in gravity feeding and pneumatic conveying of products in powder and granules. RV and RVR drop through Rotary Valves are designed according to a criteria of maximum applicative universality, suitable for controlled feeding or discharging of products in powder or granular form, from silos, hoppers, pneumatic conveying system, filters or cyclones. Round Inlet Diameter: 150 mm (6”) – 200 mm (8”) – 250 mm (10”) - 300 mm (12 in) Square Inlet Dimension: 150x150 mm – 200x200 mm – 250x250 mm – 300x300 mm (6”x6” – 8”x8” – 10”x10” – 12”x12”) Capacity: 2 –...

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Rotary Valve RV – RVR - 3

DRIVE UNIT Bare Shaft Mechanic Variable Speed (from 4 to 20 rpm) Direct Pre-Torque Gear Box Drive (10 rpm)

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Rotary Valve RV – RVR - 4

EXTERNAL HOUSING Internally Chrome-Plated Used for abrasive material Completely Nickel-Plated Used for corrosive material or as a substitute of the Stainless Steel for food application when accepted. The Rotor and the Side Flange are also completely Nickel-Plated Internally Teflon-Coated Used for sticky material The Rotor and the Side Flange are also completely Teflon-Coated Completely 304 Stainless Steel Casted used for food application. The Rotor and the Side Flanges are also made from 304 Stainless Steel. Also available in 316 Stainless Steel for the RV only Standard Version Chamfered...

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Rotary Valve RV – RVR - 5

Benefits Square or round inlet flanges; Round Flange bolt pattern according to DIN 2576 PN10; Possibility of complete compatibility with WAM® standard of flange drilling on inlet and outlet; Sturdy compact structure; Drive unit mounted directly on shaft without further bearing assembly or coupling; Easy access to internal mechanical parts; Various materials and treatments available depending on material handled; ATEX 20/22 version available; Flame Proof and Explosion Proof Protection Devices certification available. Accessories Vulkollan Spring Steel Inlet for Granular Material Rotation...

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Rotary Valve RV – RVR - 6

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