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Mixing Technology Range of Products - Gama de Producción - Gamma di Produzione

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Our name stands for solutions of mixing problems with solids in various industrial applications, from chemicals to foodstuffs, from waste treatment to building materials. Against the background of decades of mixer manufacture, and exploitation of our own test and research facilities we are able to offer our customers a comprehensive standard mixer range that meets the highest quality requirements. A mixer range which excels through a variety of innovative design details. A mixer range at a price-performance ratio second to none anywhere in the world. WAMGROUP's worldwide sales and service...

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Technologies Las tecnologías Le tecnologie Mixing and Blending Mezclado y Homogeneización Mescolazione e Omogeneizzazione Agglomeration and Granulation Aglomeración y Granulación Agglomerazione e Granulazione Crumbling and Decomposition Desmenuzado y Disgregación Sminuzzamento e Decomposizione

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Range La gama La gamma WBH Batch-Type Ploughshare Mixers Capacities from 75 to 15,000 litres per batch Mezcladores Discontinuos a Rejas Capacidad desde 75 hasta 15.000 litros/batch Mescolatori Discontinui a Vomere Capacità da 75 a 15.000 litri per batch WAH Continuous Ploughshare Mixers Capacities from 2 to 450 m³/h Mezcladores Continuos a Rejas Capacidad desde 2 hasta 450 m³/h Mescolatori Continui a Vomere Capacità da 2 a 450 m³/h MLH Laboratory Mixers Capacities from 2 to 12 litres LMezcladores de Laboratorio Capacidad desde 2 hasta 12 litros Mescolatori da Laboratorio Capacità da 2 a 12...

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WBN Batch-Type Ribbon Blenders Capacities from 75 to 15,000 litres per batch Mezcladores Disontinuos a Cinta Capacidad desde 75 hasta 15.000 litros/batch Mescolatori Discontinui a Nastro Capacità da 75 a 15.000 litri per batch WTS Batch-Type Twin-Shaft Paddle Mixers Capacities from 120 to 3,600 litres per batch Mezcladores de Doble Eje a Paletas Capacidad desde 120 hasta 3.600 litros/batch Mescolatori Discontinui Bialbero Capacità da 120 a 3.600 litri per batch VSM Conical Screw Mixers Capacities from 50 to 5,000 litres per batch Mezcladores Verticales a Sinfín Cónicas Capacidad desde 50...

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Advantages Las ventajas I vantaggi Facilità d'uso Precisione della mescolazione Costanza e sicurezza della ripetibilità dei risultati nel tempo Flessibilità d'impiego Grande affidabilità e robustezza Bassa necessità di manutenzione Vasta gamma di accessori disponibili Facilidad de manejo Precisión del mezclado Constancia y homogeneidad en los resultados obtenidos a lo largo del tiempo Versatilidad de uso Gran fiabilidad y solidez Escasa necesidad de mantenimiento Vasta gama de accesorios disponibles Easy to use Precise mixing Reliably repeatable mixing quality Versatile use Highly reliable...

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The right mixer for each application Para cada aplicación el mezclador adecuado Per ogni applicazione il giusto mescolatore Mixing of solids Mezclado de sólidos Mescolazione di solidi Treatment of solids with liquids Tratamiento sólidos con líquidos Mescolazione di solidi con liquidi High quality - low cost Alta calidad - bajo costo Alta qualità – basso costo Registered laboratory approved by the Italian Ministry of Science as published in the "Gazzetta Ufficiale" No. 120 dated 24th May, 1996 Laboratorio inscrito y reconocido por el ministerio de investigaciones cientifícas según...

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WAM S.p.A. - MAP Division Via Cavour, 338 I - 41030 Ponte Motta - Cavezzo (MO) - ITALY Tel: +39 0535 618 111 Fax: +39 0535 618 226 MAP. 000.GB-E-I 01/06 Rights reserved to modify technical specifications Mixing Technology UNI EN 9001 - 2000 Certified Company

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