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Inclined Feeder Valves VDI Brochure - 4 Pages

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Inclined Feeder Valves VDI Brochure

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Inclined Feeder Valves Dosierschieber Vannes doseuses inclinées Valvole dosatrici inclinate® VDI

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The VDI Inclined Slide Valve excels through a variety of innovative features. Its inclined blade forms an eye-shaped aperture with the asymmetrically tapered inner body. The wider the eye opens, the more material flows through, the further it closes, the more the material flow is reduced. The inner body consists of a self-supporting cast in SINT® engineering polymer composite. The blade is manufactured from carbon or stainless steel. The VDI Valve can be operated manually, electropneumatically or by gear motor. Function The VDI Inclined Slide Valve adds to the simple function of...

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VDI 0150.. -CMG0200 I. VDI 0250.. -CMG0300 I. VDI 0300.. -CMG0300 I. Hand Wheel Coupling Kombination mit Handrad Accouplement de la commande manuelle Abbinamenti del comando manuale Gear Motor Coupling Kombination mit Getriebemotor Accouplement avec motoréducteur Abbinamenti di attuatore con motoriduttore Under Light Load Unter Leichtlast Sous faible charge Sotto piccolo battente Under Heavy Load Unter Schwerlast Sous forte charge Sotto grande battente VDI 0150.. VDI 0250.. VDI 0300.. CRG010A200 I. CRG010A300 I. CRG010A300 I. CRG010B200 I. CRG010B250 I. CRG010B300 I. LSM6* • Aluminium Body...

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