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Diverter Valves Zweiwegeweichen Vannes bypass Valvole deviatrici DVA

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DVA Diverter Valves consist of a stainless steel casing lined with SINT™ engineering polymer and a flap in SINT™ engineering polymer too with a steel core. The flap is activated either by a manual lever, a pneumatic or an electric actuator. Function DVA is a Diverter Valve with one inlet and two outlets for the diversion of the flow of powdery or granular materials for gravity application. The engineering materials used enable quick cleaning and maintenance apart from offering great resistance to abrasion. DVA Zweiwegeweichen bestehen aus einem mit SINT™ Polymer ausgekleideten...

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BOB 02450 • BOB 04850 • BOB 11050 • BOB 22050 • BOB 024CC Ä BOB 048CC Ä BOB 110CC Ä BOB 220CC Ä MIC 23 LSMO V5V80 V5V40 150 - CP063 200 - CP101 250 - CP101 300 - CP101 * Recommended Standard: * Empfohlener Standard: * Standard conseillé: * Standard consigliato: • Alternating Current • Wechselstrom • Courant alternatif • Corrente alternata Ä Direct Current Ä Gleichstrom Ä Courant continu Ä Corrente continua Coupling of Pneumatic Actuator Kombination mit Pneumatikantrieb Accouplement commande électropneumatique Abbinamenti di attuatore elettropneumatico Prestazioni e caratteristiche tecniche...

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