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Cement Screw Conveyors &Feeders ES Brochure


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Cement Screw Conveyors &Feeders ES Brochure - 2

SQFLDAGECNMES Universal Inlet Spouts Universaleinläufe Bouches d’entrée universelles Bocche di carico universali Splined Shaft Design Evolventenkeilwellenverbindung Arbre cannelé Albero calettato Lifting Lug Kranöse Oeillet Golfaro WAM® has become the world’s leader in supplying Cement Screw Conveyors and Feeders due to uncompromising dedication to research in powder handling technology, as well as constant improvement of product and manufacturing technology. In the past forty years the ES Screw Conveyor has become synonymous with cement feeding and conveying in concrete plants all over the...

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Cement Screw Conveyors &Feeders ES Brochure - 4

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Cement Screw Conveyors &Feeders ES Brochure - 6

..." nam NAMJOO WAM' WMSp. V«Cmw.3M I 41030 PDoId Molto cm» pu)-mur Tel ( 39/0535/61 Bill FM:+39 / 0535 / 61 82 26 inkt@wO(nqroupiom tnra.Mmuroup.iom wrmr m UNIUl koi -

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