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BA Bin Activators SOLIDS DISCHARGING EQUIPMENT The BA Bin Activator is a discharging device which, thanks to controlled vibration, ensures continuous down-flow of the material from silos and hoppers. • Ensures uniform descent of the product (MASS FLOW) inside the silo • Avoids bridging in the discharge cone • Prevents “ratholing” and segregation of the material to be discharged • Stops dangerous flushing • Prevents economic loss due to plant downtimes Using this device ensures product extraction with optimum “Mass Flow”. Ratholing Bridging Segregation Incomplete emptying Mass Flow

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Turned cone constructed using industrial techniques Seamless discharging cone High flowability Maximum rsistance to stress Available with food-grade painting and in 304L SS Suspensions pivoting at 360° Maximum efficiency Minimum vibration energy consumption Minimum vibrations transmitted to silo Electric vibrator with adjustable masses, ATEX certified for zone 21

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GASKET WITH MAXIMUM RELIABILITY: • Seamless one-piece without joints for maximum resistance to stress • Double flange for perfect fixing and optimum sealing • Construction in wear-resistant SINT® food-grade engineering polymer • Design studied to prevent stagnation, ideal for food and perishable products * The validity of the warranty is conditioned by strict respect of the conditions of use described in the Installation, Use & Maintenance Manual. 5 YEAR GASKET WARRANTY*

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APPLICATIONS Food Օ Flour milling Animal feed milling Օ Plastics Chemicals Օ Pharmaceuticals Glass Օ Fertilizers Waste water treatment Օ Foundries Premixed adhesives for ceramics industry fECNOCM ՕME^eSOftOOi 2Oۛ EXTRAC ' 1Ϗ1I» IlU atmnmrwi

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