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Forming machine Cereal Bar Forming Machine MMC-400 Descriptions: Machine MMC-400 using for products with flat bottom made of cereal, granola, muesli or seeds mixes with sugar syrop or chocolate. Advantages: Fully automatic control through the servo system In-built special devices for inside mixing of the mass and unloading of formed products Stainless steel, aluminum and special plastic Folding cantilever type transporter WORKING WIDTH ROLLER DIAMETER ELECTRICITY CAPACITY (MAXIMUM) COMPRESSED AIR OVERALL DIMENSIONS 400 mm (or more by order) 200 mm 380 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase, 4 kW 20,000 pieces /...

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Forming machine The best possibility to make cereal, granola and muesli bars. Our machine’s target is manufacture of above named bars by more efficient, fast and safety way – using only forming principle. Process doesn’t use cutting - so do not have waste. This type of machines can manufacture different shapes from different mixes of cereals, granola and muesli. Unique construction of equipment provide using of different binders into bars. The key point of our machines choice is variable bar shape and very short changeover time for different shape. The machines is equipped with a simple and...

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Forming machine Forming machine RFM-400 with rounder Description: Moulding machine RFM-400 use for products with flat bottom made of different fruit masses, marzipan and sticky mixes. Advantages: Compact: it takes up to 1.6 square meters Forming products of various shapes with a flat bottom Forming without scrap and waste High speed molding on belt Possible to use a variety of mixers and stirrers Minimum resetting time Quick and easy cleaning WORKING WIDTH ROLLER DIAMETER ELECTRICAL POWER CAPACITY AIR OVERALL DIMENSIONS 400 mm (or more by order) 150 mm (standart), more by order 3 x 380V, 50...

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Forming machine RFM - forming machine for products with flat bottom from plastic mixes, such as fruit-based pastes, marzipan, soft krokant, with the option of subsequent rounding. Modern technologies used in our machines of this type allow the forming of various shapes of products. Undoubted advantage of these machines are the performance, ease of operation and maintenance, reliability. Change of format takes several minutes and does not require special tools. All machines is equipped with a simple and intuitive human-machine interface (HMI). DATEPASTE BAR for RFM machines (example): Date...

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Moulding machine Moulding machine ONE SHOT SCM-12/24, 24/48 Descriptions: One Shot can mould chocolate body and a sweet staffing in one step. Inside of the nozzle for supplying the chocolate is an internal nozzle for staffing. Submission of chocolate into a mould and sweet staffing occurs simultaneously, the feed rate of the chocolate mass and sweet staffing are adjusted so that the chocolate fills a body, staffing fills inside. Advantages: Quality products Small percentage of deffects. Economy: One Shot need minimal amount of equipment and personal Easy and fast switching to a different...

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Ultrasonic cutter & Tempering machine Ultrasonic cutting machine for products Descriptions: Ultrasonic cutting machine for products like cakes, cheeses, pizzas and etc. Advantages: Safe and Hygienic Compact Quality cutting of different products Easy to use touch screen control panel Different cutting shapes (triangles, rectangular and etc.) Quick and easy cleaning BLADE 300 mm AIR CONSUMPTION 10 liter per minute at 3 bar ELECTRICAL POWER 3 x 380 V, 50 Hz, 4 kW LCD SENSOR PANEL Lenze SERVO DRIVERS Lenze PNEUMATIC COMPONENTS Festo OVERALL DIMENSIONS H: 2050mm, L: 1760mm, W: 1600mm CAPACITY...

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Enrober & Cooling tunnel Enrober Type SW-EN Descriptions: Enrober is intended for confectionery products, includes pouring, blowing, smoothing, unloading. Advantages: Holds required temperature of chocolate glaze Application of equal thickness layer of chocolate glaze Possibility of bottom enrobing Stable operation at different speeds Stainless steel Reliability and ease of maintenance Including loading table SPEED OF MOVEMENT ELECTRICAL POWER PRINCIPLE OF OPERATION HEATING WORKING WIDTH OVERALL DIMENTIONS Cooling tunnel SW-CT Descriptions: Cooling of confectionery products, chocolate layer...

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Coating Cabin & Extrusion machine Chocolate Coating Cabin SW-CC Description: Chocolate Coating Cabin SW-CC use for chocolate coating of products like peanuts, fudge, beans etc. Advantages: Fast and quality coating of different products Stainless steel, aluminum and special plastic Quick and easy cleaning HMI WORKING WIDTH: 1520 mm OVERALL DIMENSIONS: H: 2400mm, L: 2230mm, W: 1600mm ELECTRICAL POWER: 380 V, 50 Hz, 18 kW (motor 3 kW, heater – 4.5 kW, fans – 2.0 kW) 2000 kgs WEIGHT: 200-350 kgs/hour (depend from material) CAPACITY: Screw extrusion machine SEM-200 Descriptions: Extrusion...

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Kölner Str. 548, Krefeld Germany

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Tempermeter Tempermeter WS-TR Descriptions: Tempermeter determines quantity of stable beta-formed crystals at a curve of cooling. The device use to determine the main indicators of the range of tempering, such as: - temperindex (the content of stable crystals in the chocolate); - the slope of the cooling curve (slope) (crystallization point); - the crystallization temperature (the temperature at which the chocolate is moved into the solid state). The target of tempering chocolate and chocolate glazes is a preliminary crystallisation included to it cocoa butter and its equivalents, with the...

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