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Advanced Pump Technology Walchem and Iwaki joined forces to develop the most innovative and comprehensive metering pump product line in the world. Iwaki metering pumps are designed for a broad range of applications, and are manufactured to the highest quality standards that exceed even the toughest customer expectations. Our commitment to new product development and innovation has resulted in many industry firsts, including EK - the world’s first IP67 waterproof solenoid metering pump. Featuring five great pump series, EZ, EWN, EK, EHE, and EJ, E Series metering pumps are powered by...

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EWN Series Compact, powerful, and packed with a variety of innovative design features, EWN is the flagship of the E Series metering pumps. With output capacities up to 6.7 GPH (25.4 l/h) and a maximum pressure of 290 PSI (20 bar), there’s an EWN model to enhance any chemical feed application. IP65 Construction The rugged Polyphenylene Ether (PPE) enclosure is equipped with a durable clear cover to protect the membrane switches and stroke control of the pump, which are mounted opposite the liquid end. The display utilizes a high temperature LCD that provides extra protection from heat and...

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EZ Series EZ Series with digital speed control offers precise chemical injection at a low cost. EZ has output capacities up to 6.3 GPH (23.8 l/h) and a maximum pressure of 150 PSI (10 bar). The compact size and simple control make it ideal for OEM, water treatment, car wash and a variety of other applications. Value Effective, reliable performance is achieved through sophisticated engineering. EZ Series features an advanced microprocessor control with a turndown ratio of 360:1, making it an exceptional value. EZ is simple to operate with three pushbutton keys. The 360:1 turndown ratio...

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EHE Series EHE is the workhorse of the E Series metering pumps. Superior mechanical design and quality of manufacturing merge to create a pump greater than the sum of its parts. EHE pumps have outputs up to 20 GPH (76 l/h) and a maximum pressure of 150 PSI (10 bar). Combining the EHE performance with a turndown ratio of 1800:1 yields one of the most versatile pumps on the market today. EHE Series is ideal for chemical feed applications in a wide range of fields, including drinking water, agriculture, and municipal/industrial wastewater. Versatile EHE pumps meet the demands of applications...

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IX Series A new class of advanced metering pumps! The IX Series are digitally controlled direct-drive diaphragm pumps. Years of experience in high-end motor technology result in an extremely accurate and energy efficient metering pump while maintaining a high resolution. The IX Series meet today’s demand for automated chemical delivery in industries from water treatment to chemical process with output capacities up to 80 GPH (300 l/h) and a maximum pressure of 150 PSI (10 bar). Highly precise control offers a solution for a variety of dosing applications. High Turndown Ratio Exact motor...

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* Select sizes and liquid end options. Note 1: Standard turndown ratio of the LK is 10:1. With the addition of the DC motor option, the turndown ratio increases to 100:1 and the control capability expands to include a 4-20 mA input control signal. Note 2: Pumps (except EK) should always be shielded from direct exposure to the elements. Safety Certifications The E Class metering pumps* are WQA tested and certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 50 and Standard 61 * See for specific chemicals and certification parameters. The E Class and IX Series metering pumps are tested by Intertek to...

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Accessories Walchem is the leading manufacturer of metering pumps and analytical controllers for a wide variety of water treatment applications. To complete your system, Walchem provides high quality accessories for cooling tower, boiler, potable water and wastewater applications. All of Walchem’s accessories are carefully designed and selected for compatibility with our pumps and controllers to enable our customers to provide a complete system solution. Level switches to monitor tank levels PosiFlow sensors to verify metering pump performance Mounting brackets for metering pumps...

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