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Cooling Tower & Boiler W400 Class Cooling Tower WaterTreatment Walchem has raised the bar for water treatment controllers! The all-new W400 Class includes cooling tower and boiler controllers with USB data collection features that give water treatment professionals the tools they need to deliver a higher level of service. UL/CSA/CE certified. Ensures Optimal Performance and Maximum Efficiency Precise control of conductivity and chemical feed reduces water consumption and inhibits corrosion, solids precipitation, scale build-up, and growth of algae or dangerous bacteria. More Informative...

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Boiler WaterTreatment Cooling Tower/ Boiler Treatment General Water Treatment WBL/WCM400 Boiler Controllers and Condensate Monitors WebMaster®ONE Cooling Tower & Boiler Controller WebAlert® Remote Monitoring and Datalogging WBL/WDB Boiler Controllers keep boiler water at the correct conductivity by automatically blowingdown water at high solids levels and adding low conductivity make-up water. Simultaneous control of chemical feed inhibits corrosion, solids precipitation, and scale build-up. Intermittent sampling is available to reduce operating costs for smaller boilers. WCM/WDC Condensate...

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General Water Treatment WIND WebMaster® Industrial Water Controllers WIND WebMaster sets a new standard for Industrial Water Treatment Controllers. The WIND WebMaster has a flexible multi-input/ output platform, a wide range of analytical sensor measurement capabilities, and an extensive assortment of integrated communications and data handling features. The data can be retrieved automatically (email Excel file attachment) or manually, through the convenience of a standard USB flash disk. Beyond the extensive list of capabilities, WIND WebMaster has set an industry-wide ease-ofuse...

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General Water Treatment W400 Class General Water Treatment Walchem is the world’s leading manufacturer of water treatment controllers. The all-new W400 Class includes disinfection, pH/ ORP, and electrodeless conductivity controllers for a variety of industrial, commercial, and municipal water treatment applications. The integrated USB data collection features provide a new set of valuable tools to enable water treatment professionals to deliver more effective water management services. UL/CSA/CE Certified Dual Input Reduces Cost Dual sensor inputs allow one controller to take the place of...

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Specialty Plating WNI/WCU Electroless Nickel and Copper Controllers WCU410 Copper Controller and WNI410 Nickel Controller are optoelectronic on-line analyzers that measure the actual concentration of copper or nickel in solution. They are used in a variety of applications including electroless plating baths and microetch baths (including oxide-replacement types). The WCU410 can be switched from electroless copper to microetch via the menu, eliminating the need for a second controller. The WNI410 is available as nickel-only, or with a pH control option. Two separate pump outputs for nickel...

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