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T4512 and T6025 - 1

The new compact telehandlers. Combining flexibility and power with ease of use.

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T4512 and T6025 - 2

Mastering time and space. THE SHAPE OF THINGS TO COME. Flexible and forward looking to cope with the changing nature of farming and the wide variety of jobs in the barn and out in the field. More performance for less work. Your new compact telehandler will bring a new momentum to your daily routine. This is the first of a new generation. A Weidemann through and through.

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T4512 and T6025 - 3

Think, act, and harvest: Your productive way. Farming is on the move and inspiring people as never before ... - with yields that secure value - with performance that safeguards the future - with growth that offers opportunities. Optimising the interaction of innovative minds with flexible machines and flexible routines creates a bond that takes us forward together. And that´s been so for more than 50 years. PROGRESS REAPS REWARDS: Yields that secure value. THINKING AHEAD BRINGS MOTIVATION: Performance that safeguards the future. PERSISTENCE MAKES SENSE: growth generates opportunity....

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T4512 and T6025 - 4

Every last centimetre used to the full. Everything optimised to detail: The Hoftrac lives. ® Powerful interaction between man and machine. Visibility and safety come from a protective roof, low windows and a suspended comfort seat. One joystick for simple control. A range of active power sources. Power take-off shaft, 3-point rear linkage and High-Flow Power to provide that extra boost in hydraulic output – everything in its place. T4512 A Hoftrac® that can work at heights. Lifting up to 1,200 kg loads to a maximum 4.5 m height, this machine is indeed up to plenty of handling and lifting....

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T4512 and T6025 - 5

Consistently practical down to the last detail: 1 With one single look … take in all information from the easy-to-read gauges. 2 With a single flick of your wrist … operate all functions and machine movements from the multi-function joystick. 3 With a single run … safely transport both material and the T4512 on a trailer to the site. 4 With a single glance ... you understand the ergonomic and clear layout of the machine. 5 With one step ... you access the cockpit without bending. Courtesy of the low cabin floor. height, machine width and engine power are balanced to relate in an ideal way....

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T4512 and T6025 - 6

Concentrated Weidemann power packed into an extra-class allround machine: Lifting 2.5 t payloads to a height of nearly 6 metres. These specifications guarantee that this machine is both an excellent loader and stacker. A professional machine. Ideal dimensions for working in buildings. With an overall height of less than 2 metres and a 1.94-metre machine width, the T6025 is the ideal indoor all-rounder. Powerful engine, quick servicing. Powered by a 50 kW (68 hp) engine, the T6025 is a powerful and economical machine that combines easy-access service points with high efficiency. The cab –...

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T4512 and T6025 - 7

Agility means strength: The new force on the farm simply moves more. 1 ore agility … by operating the machine M and its functions from the latest-generation joystick. 2 ore mobility … for the operator. The large M legroom in the cockpit helps reduce operator fatigue. steering modes (option). ratio of lift height to width and output. 3 ore flexibility … in adjusting the steering M column and the seat to the individual needs of operators. Clearance height 4 ore mobility … in a cockpit that was M developed in line with the latest research into safety technology and ergonomics. Clearance width...

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T4512 and T6025 - 8

Experience is the material that breeds new ideas: Innovation relies on tradition. Weidemann factors: • eveloped D An idea that has always been true to itself. Your Weidemann is a specialist. It is made in Germany, in one of the most modern manufacturing plants in Europe. Today, more than ever, it is what it always was – a multitalent that has grown up in an agricultural background. Practical, robust and durable. A helper you can depend on like on a good neighbour. That’s its product personality. And its quality. and built by the manufacturer in one of the most modern factories in Europe –...

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T4512 and T6025 - 9

The farm comes alive. The telehandlers arrive: Dynamic mobility. A NEW WAY OF WORKING. “It’s just incredible to see the changes that a machine like this can make around the farm. Our 4512 enables us to carry out most jobs much more efficiently and at lower costs than using a tractor.” M. Schulz, Germany Turkey husbandry and arable farming Angle of vision Angle of vision Get carried away by this lively machine: Our compact telehandlers represent a new way of working that makes the operator feel like he is floating through his day. They caught the imagination right from the start, yet their...

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T4512 and T6025 - 10

Dependably paying dividends: Profitability around the clock. 1 conomical, reliable and E versatile. The T4512 model is powered by the proven 3-cylinder Yanmar Diesel engine, which is the ideal powerplant for enduring indoor operation. 2 aintenance, service, value M retention. Buyers who opt for a Weidemann machine, opt for servicing quality and high dependability. Full control and peace of mind. Easy access to engine, electrics and hydraulics for easy maintenance, service and routine checks: It‘s easy to keep the compact telehandler in good shape. 3 oncentrated Weidemann C power. In...

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T4512 and T6025 - 11

Working day in, day out: There is no clearer evidence of being a high performer. The practical side is what matters most. Machines which prove their capabilities day in, day out: power, versatility and the capacity to get straight down to the job. With maximum efficiency and the best result in the shortest time. WEIDEMANN OPTIONS

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T4512 and T6025 - 12

TECHNICAL DATA Operating weight Turning radius outside “Energy takes effect.” Turning radius inside Total carriage rotation angle ENGINE Make / model / design Output Cubic capacity Tested and approved to 97/68EC, Stage III Exhaust Emission Standards Emissions DRIVELINE Steered planetary axles Steered planetary axles Total pivoting angle Differential lock 100 % in front axle (option) 100 % in front axle (option) Operating brake / park brake Disc brake on driveshaft Disc brake on driveshaft Standard tyres Transmission Ground speed (optional) HYDRAULIC CIRCUIT / STEERING AND EXTERNAL SERVICES...

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