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Reinforced concrete at the job site


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Reinforced concrete at the job site - 1

IREN ARFU FUE Internal vibrators External vibrators Inverters Notably strong performance in use. Wacker Neuson’s concrete technology.

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Reinforced concrete at the job site - 2

COMPETENCE COMPACTS THE ESSENTIALS. Redefining manufacturing quality in concrete construction. With Wacker Neuson’s top quality. “For decades we’ve been compacting reinforced concrete with products from Wacker Neuson. They give us reliable quality with maximum protection for the worker.” Simon Biermeier Site Supervisor, Germany

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Reinforced concrete at the job site - 3

IREN IRSEN High-Frequency Internal Vibrators: IREN and IRSEN. High-end equipment for industrial concrete compaction. - The electric motor maintains a constant speed and torque, guaranteeing a high and constant compaction performance. - In-house developed and manufactured motor meets the highest quality standards. - Fully induction-hardened vibrator heads for high wear resistance. - Protective hose and power cable with high bending strength. All com po - The integrated thermal overload protection automatically switches the equipment off upon risk of overheating. Ergonomic, low-vibration...

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Reinforced concrete at the job site - 4

IRFU IRSE-FU High-frequency internal vibrators with integrated inverter: IRFU and IRSE-FU. Technology with convincing advantages. - Independent use due to the integrated inverter: for connection to a single-phase power supply (lighting current). - The potted electronic components make the inverter wear-free. - Reliable operation, even with generators and fluctuating input voltage. - Functional housing design with rounded corners for easy handling without jamming. Also by reques t CU MANU STOM F AND S ACTURE P SOLU ECIAL TIONS A sk us. Wacker Neuson factors: • Long service life The Wacker...

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Reinforced concrete at the job site - 5

Internal vibrators with flexible shaft: HMS with internal combustion engine or electric motor. Sliding pan accessory for better maneuverability on the reinforcement: for A 5000/160 and L 5000/225. HMS with electric motor M 2000 The flexible HMS system: The combination of three components gives the optimal result in use. HMS with gasoline engine A 5000/160 Flexible shaft - Excellent kink resistance with moulded steel mesh and additional spiral steel protection. HMS with diesel engine L 5000/225 A system that convinces with its flexibility and economy. Vibrator head - High wear resistance due...

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Reinforced concrete at the job site - 6

Whether it's a gasoline engine or an electric motor: You can decide which Internal vibrator, flexible shaft and electric motor S = Short standard vibrator head = Permissible combination HA = Hybrid vibrator head with high amplitude X = Not permissible

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Reinforced concrete at the job site - 7

ø Internal vibrator head ø Internal vibrator effective compaction diameter The perfect use of internal vibrators. Correct Formwork TIP 1 Choose the right vibration and effective compaction diameter: The effective compaction of a high-quality internal vibrator is approximately ten times the diameter of the vibrator head. With low-performance internal vibrators, the operating speed decreases upon immersion in the concrete, and the effective diameter decreases. Neither time nor quality goals are achieved. The immersion intervals should be chosen so that the compaction diameters overlap. Select...

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Reinforced concrete at the job site - 8

Perfect for quality exposed concrete surface. AR 26 and ARFU 26. The AR 26 is also available with an on/off switch. The AR 26 or ARFU 26 – noticeably more performance in concrete construction: Wacker Neuson factors of our external vibrators: - Smaller, lighter and more compact among highest power to weight ratio on the market. • For manufacture of noticeably high-quality concrete surface. - Ideal for delicate construction parts and quality exposed concrete surfaces. - Ideal solution for restricted access of internal vibrators. - Asynchronous motor with stable speed and operation display. -...

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Reinforced concrete at the job site - 9

Choose high quality for exposed concrete surface. The external vibrators from Wacker Neuson. Checklist for the optimal use of external vibrators. • Determine if appropriate for formwork • Maintain benchmark for mounting distance between the external vibrators: horizontal and vertical distance of approx. 100 cm. • Tighten fastening clamps and check regularly. • Fasten retaining system. • Observe the maximum pouring layer depth: 50 cm External vibrators from Wacker Neuson as reliable problem solvers: • Compaction time: 3 to 5 minutes. The concrete surface gains significance as a mark of a...

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Reinforced concrete at the job site - 10

Universally and safely deployable. Fastening clamps for exposed concrete surface external vibrators by Wacker Neuson. S U I TA B ALL C LE FOR OMMO FORM N W SYSTE ORK MS - Beam-type formwork - Formwork beams - Frame-type formwork - Frame joint - Beam-type formwork - Frame-type formwork - Pre-assembly of the mounting points - Beam-type formwork - Rigidly mounted equipment - Frame-type formwork - Frame-type formwork - Tie profile - Also mountable over frame joint - Frame-type formwork - Beam-type formwork - Frame-type formwork - Frame joint Formwork manufacturers Formwork manufacturers...

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Reinforced concrete at the job site - 11

Mechanical converters and electronic frequency and voltage inverters and generators. IMPO R TA NOTIC NT E! The rate d current of the dev su exceed ices in use m m the ou a tput cu y not of the inverte rrent r. Our operating advice: The number of internal and external vibrators that can be in operation at the same time at the respective inverter. FUE M/S 75A FU 1,5/ 200W With 25 m power cable. Operation also with rolled-up cable.

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Reinforced concrete at the job site - 12

Technische Daten. Vibrator head diameter mm Vibrator head length (L) mm Weight of the vibrator head kg HIGH-FREQUENCY INTERNAL VIBRATORS WITH INTEGRATED INVERTER: INTERNAL VIBRATORS Vibrator head diameter mm Vibrator head length (L) mm High-frequency squirrel-cage motor with integrated electronic frequency inverter in the switch box for direct connection to 220 – 240 V 50 / 60 Hz 1˜ Weight of the vibrator head kg High-frequency squirrel-cage motor for connection to Wacker Neuson frequency and voltage inverters Power cable m Power cable m INTERNAL VIBRATORS VIBRATOR HEAD Vibrator head...

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