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Our solutions for rental yards


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Our solutions for rental yards - 1

Our solutions for rental yards

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Our solutions for rental yards - 2

MY ROUTINE TIME FOR ANOTHER INSPECTION. SO, WHEN IT IS STARTING? From purchasing to fleet management: the tailor-made solution for your rental park. EquipCare. Give your machines a voice. When you buy new construction equipment for your rental park, of course, you want them to work long and reliable. EquipCare from Wacker Neuson is like a Translation software that tells you how your machines are doing – and much more. Order as you like. Especially for rental parks, the procurement of new construction machinery and in particular spare parts is connected with a large administrative burden....

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Our solutions for rental yards - 3

zero emission: Tap into new potentials for your customers. Up to 5 hours of continuous operation: the battery-powered WL20e. Our zero emission products impressively show that maximum performance efficiency does not require emissions. Good for you as a rental yard, because the electric drives have fewer wear parts, thereby significantly reducing operating costs. And good for your customers, because they can tap into completely new application areas, such as indoor spaces or noise-sensitive environments. Even inner city job sites have to meet strict requirements today—these requirements are...

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Our solutions for rental yards - 4

Easy charging: with the on-board battery charger at any 230 V outlet. Twice the advantages: the 803 dual power works with a diesel engine or fully electrically with the HPU power unit. The mini-excavator can be rented alone or as a duo with HPU8. Ideal for demolition indoors: no emissions and plenty of freedom of movement on the construction site, thanks to the 12-meter long hose. The battery-powered vibratory rammers AS30e, AS50e and AS60e: compact in the trench without exhaust emissions. Maximum working comfort: with the vibratory plate AP1850e, neither exhaust fumes nor cables will get...

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Our solutions for rental yards - 5

Vibratory plates: “Made in Germany” compaction. For the health of your renters: If any name stands for reliable and professional soil compaction, it's Wacker Neuson. Many a “foundation for success” has already been laid with our vibratory plates—whether in road and highway construction, in gardening and landscaping or in building construction. Our product range is just as wide as the application areas: from small single-direction vibratory plates to large, reversible vibratory plates, to remote-controlled models. All of them impress with extreme ruggedness, light, intuitive operation and...

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Our solutions for rental yards - 6

Rollers and rammers: our compaction professionals can't be missed in any equipment rental yard. The two-stroke rammer: less consumption with full performance—and unique worldwide. In addition, it is low-maintenance, has long service intervals and has guaranteed maximum productivity, thanks to the powerful stroke and high ramming frequency. The diesel rammer: with its strong stroke, perfect for heavy, cohesive soil. Wacker Neuson is the inventor of the rammer, and we recently launched the world's first battery rammers on the market. How does this benefit your equipment rental yard? You get...

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Our solutions for rental yards - 7

Tracked excavator up to 2.5 ton: the warhorse in any rental park – agile and powerful in ground conditions and in confined spaces. Mini, compact and wheeled excavators: As diverse as your customers’ wishes. Your rental customers expect an excavator to be powerful, safe, easy to operate and easy to transport. Machines from Wacker Neuson will convince in all aspects. They impress with many innovative details, such as the load-sensing hydraulic system, which allows for finely controllable arm movements under full load, or the vertical digging system (VDS), which straightens the excavator even...

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Our solutions for rental yards - 8

Less excavated volume by vertical excavation with VDS. Make sure that nothing goes “askew” for your customers. Our unique vertical digging system is the perfect solution for working on uneven surfaces: the revolving superstructure can be variably tilted by up to 15 degrees so that it easily compensates for gradients up to 27%. This makes excavation work on hillsides a breeze – and reduces materials and time spent by up to 25%. Work much faster with VDS • p to 25% material and time savings when excavating U and filling* • afe work due to up to 20% increase in stability* S • good...

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Our solutions for rental yards - 9

Wheel loaders and telehandlers: The multi-talents for any task. Multiple application areas can mean a lot of arguments for rentals. With a large selection of attachments and the hydraulic quickhitch function, you can convert our wheel loaders and telehandlers into the machines that your customers want in no time. You can also rent our additional attachments at the same time and offer your customers maximum flexibility at the site of application. Compact dimensions when every centimeter counts. 12 models Bucket capacity from 0.2 – 1.55 m3 3 models Max. stacking height: 4,145 – 5,730 mm 8...

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Our solutions for rental yards - 10

Differential lock. PZ-kinematics allows good ripping forces and finely coordinated parallel guidance. To be able to work reliably on difficult terrain as well, the connectable 100% differential lock ensures maximum thrusting force with excellent ground grip. The lock is disabled during normal driving operation. This protects the tires and the subsurface. The Vertical Lift System (VLS) protects all Wacker Neuson telehandlers from tipping over in the longitudinal direction. It is an innovative and important feature, especially for inexperienced operators. Taking flexibility further: with up...

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Our solutions for rental yards - 11

Wheel and track dumpers: Heavy load, easy operation. Particularly advantageous in the rain or cold: wheel dumpers with a cab enable the operator to work comfortably all year long. Our dumpers are very flexible and are compact load carriers. The wheel dumper's capacity is a match for large construction site trucks – the track dumpers are simply unbeatable on uneven ground conditions. The machines were consistently designed for easy operation. The control via joystick is just as easy as precise maneuvering—even under full load. Even complicated loading and unloading tasks become a breeze with...

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