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Hoftrac® 13 Series


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Hoftrac® 13 Series - 1

The perfect choice for barn and yard. The small machine that packs a big punch.

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Hoftrac® 13 Series - 2

COMPANIONS. Sharing your work with you every day. Sharing the load when the going gets tough. Sharing the growing process as the nature of your business changes. The Hoftrac® 13 and 17 families have been designed to share in everything you do. Companions for life, in fact. At every stage of development.

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Hoftrac® 13 Series - 3

Perceive, act, and harvest: Your productive way. Farming is on the move and inspiring people as never before ... - with yields that secure value - with performance that safeguards the future - with growth that offers opportunities. Optimising the interaction of agile minds with flexible machines and flexible routines creates a bond that takes us forward together. And that´s been so for more than 50 years. PROGRESS REAPS REWARDS: YIELDS THAT SECURE VALUE. THINKING AHEAD BRINGS MOTIVATION: PERFORMANCE THAT SAFEGUARDS THE FUTURE. CARRYING ON MAKES SENSE: WITH GROWTH THAT GENERATES OPPORTUNITY....

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Hoftrac® 13 Series - 4

Tailored to your needs: Your Hoftrac is made to measure. ® A workplace that is home from home. Treat yourself with low access steps on either side of the machine and a comfort seat that you adjust to your body weight and height. And not least, enjoy the space and visibility from every angle. Robust kinematics deliver enormous lift and break-out forces – thanks to two massive hydraulic rams that hold plenty of power in reserve and kinematics that provide short and efficient work cycles. Load and unload in extremely swift cycles. Sure-footed in every respect. The extremely low centre of...

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Hoftrac® 13 Series - 5

Bringing together those things that belong together: Flexibility and safety. The massive and protruding rear weight gives protection from damage and provides a counterweight when handling heavy loads. The cantilever design with recessed taillights provides optimum protection to the entire rear end – especially in confined space. 1 2 1 Joystick for robust and wellconceived machine control. The joystick is ergonomic, practical and clear, offering single-handed control of direction of travel and all kinematics without fatigue. 2 Vibration-damped workplace. The machine absorbs vibrations and...

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Hoftrac® 13 Series - 6

In every respect: A real bundle of energy. Work lights at the front and rear. Good vision and safe working at any time during day and night and in any place where in the past poor lighting has made it difficult or impossible to operate machines. Your Hoftrac® turns into a dependable 24-hour machine. A true ray of light. Weidemann factors: Easy and confident handling via joystick. The Weidemann formula for success: Every improvement we make saves time and effort for our customers. The series 13 and 17 models perfectly exemplify the immeasurable value of ongoing improvement. Over the years, a...

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Hoftrac® 13 Series - 7

Technology that makes sense: Experience, experimentation and innovation. BEST-SELLING MODELS. “With machinery too, it’s possible to fall in love at first sight – I was smitten with our 1370 the moment I saw it and took my first test drive. And since then, my whole team has taken this pint-sized power pack to their hearts.” Tilt cab. The straightforward and quick access to engine, hydraulic system and electrics is our customers’ favourite feature, because they save time and money on service and maintenance. A. Micino, Italy Fruit farmer Sure it‘s convenient. Simply drive up to the...

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Hoftrac® 13 Series - 8

Stepping out in style: With a Weidemann as your companion. Ultimate performance – Weidemann Classic (CC). 1350 1370 1770 Anyone who appreciates a product that concentrates on the essentials will certainly home in on one of the Weidemann Classic models. These can be recognised by the CC badging. Choosing a genuine Weidemann is not such a tough decision to make. It is possible to come up with a precise definition of quality in terms of technical performance and economic operation. The specific quality of a Weidemann has to do with its level of specification and your personal requirements....

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Hoftrac® 13 Series - 9

Hoftracs at work – day in, day out: There is no better evidence of performance. ® Their practical aspects are the best. Every day, these machines show what they are made of: Vigour, versatility and the capacity to instantly get down to business. Highest efficiency and the best result within no time. WEIDEMANN OPTIONS

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Hoftrac® 13 Series - 10

TECHNICAL DATA ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Manufacturer “Energy takes effect.” Engine type Cubic capacity Cooling system ELECTRIC SYSTEM Operating voltage WEIGHTS Operating weight (Standard) Lift mast horizontal / machine is not articulated Lift mast horizontal / machine is articulated Lift mast horizontal / machine is not articulated Lift mast horizontal / machine is articulated Tipping load in bucket (ISO 8313) Tipping load on pallet fork (ISO 8313) MACHINE Ground speed (Option) Fuel tank capacity HYDRAULIC SYSTEM Transmission hydraulics Oil flow Operating pressure External services Oil flow...

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Hoftrac® 13 Series - 11

STANDARD SPECIFICATION Hydrostatic four-wheel drive 10.0/75 - 15.3 AS ET80 tyres incl. reversible rims 10.0/75 - 15.3 AS ET40 tyres incl. reversible rims Diff lock in front and rear axles, 100 % electrically selectable Single-handed control with float position next to the seat on the right Hydraulic connector DN12 at front Mechanical quick-fit system for attachments (HV form) Hydraulic quick–fit system for attachments Fully hydraulic pivoting articulation CAB Roof with restraint system, ROPS/ROPS certified Suspension comfort seat with seat belt Full suspension comfort seat with seat belt,...

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Hoftrac® 13 Series - 12

Operating weight Max. bucket tipping load Standard width Forward thinking yet strong on tradition. Delivering only the best – any time. High-quality powder coat finish. The aim is quality that lasts. Sustainability for everyone. Honest quality through and through. High-grade materials that have strength in reserve. That’s Weidemann. 24 _ 25 Some of the models listed and shown herein may not be available or approved for operation in individual countries. WEIDEMANN TRADITION

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