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Flyer 11 / 12 Series - 1

The multifunctional Hoftracs . Powerful machines for any job. ®

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Flyer 11 / 12 Series - 3

Individuality is tops – your own personal Hoftrac . ® The new basic models are the starting point for you to equip your machine to suit your own particular needs. Our reasonably priced entry-level models give you the opportunity to freely configure your machine: Choose from the many options the ones that you need for your work. In this way you can be sure that your machine will meet your needs right across the board. And the best thing about the new Hoftrac ® concept is that with our 11 and 12 2 series models, you only pay for what you really need.

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Flyer 11 / 12 Series - 4

Exactly what you want from your machine. Combine the engine, driver's cab and tyres to get the machine you want. Plenty of intelligent accessories also transform it into your choice of attachment mount. After all, a Weidemann can do more. Your new workplace: A low climb, an ergonomically designed driver's cab and a comfortable seat that you can adjust precisely to suit your weight and body size. Just own quality. Stable when stationary, safe driving. The low centre of gravity gives your Weidemann secure contact with the ground when on uneven terrain. Down to earth and safe.

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Flyer 11 / 12 Series - 5

Change the attachment without climbing out. The optional hydraulic lock makes work easier for you, and your machine can be reconfigured for new jobs within a matter of seconds. A class above. Enormous lifting heights despite its compact and low design. The angled lifting arm has an extremely high load-bearing capacity and is resistant to buckling. Its shape supports the precision of your work. Clear visibility of the attachment and the working area. Power kinematics for short work cycles. A large hydraulic cylinder generates enormous biting forces. This means that the material being...

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Flyer 11 / 12 Series - 6

Weidemann GmbH Mühlhäuser Weg 45–49 34519 Diemelsee-Flechtdorf Germany Tel. +49(0)5633 609-0 Fax +49(0)5633 609-666

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