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Easy Protection System (EPS) from Weidemann: Safety is the prerequisite for success. We consider it our ongoing mission to abide by our pledge to provide quality products and services: Reliability, credibility, flexibility, innovation, quality and responsiveness. Compact machines from Weidemann deliver in environments where our competitors will simply walk away. Our products impress by virtue of their quality, power, dependable hydraulics, compact dimensions, innovative technology, maximum productivity and operational reliability. All technical data in this brochure refer to series models that have been tested under operating conditions typical of Central Europe and describe their standard functions. Specifications and their modes of functionality as well as accessories listed in this brochure depend on the individual model and on the options available with a particular product as well as the statutory requirements of the country of sale. Illustrations used in this brochure may show products that have not been mentioned or that are not available as series production machines. The descriptions, illustrations, weights and technical data published herein are non-binding in nature and represent the technical status at the time the document went to press. Because of ongoing development, we reserve the right to make changes, without prior notice, to the design, specification, visual appearance and technology of our products. Should you require special functions that would be available only by using additional components and/or under special circumstances, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to provide further information regarding whether and under what conditions applying to the product and the target environment such special functions might be feasible. If you have any concerns about the load capacity or operation of our products in certain working conditions or environments, we recommend that you perform a test run under controlled conditions. Despite meticulous attention to detail, we cannot exclude the possibility that our products may not conform to illustrations or stated dimensions, or that errors may have occurred in calculation or during printing, or that the information given here may be incomplete. Consequently, we do not accept liability for the accuracy or completeness of the information supplied in this brochure. All matters relating to our product warranty are contained within our General Terms and Conditions. We expressly decline to provide additional guarantees. Any liability over and above that contained within our General Terms and Conditions is excluded. Weidemann GmbH Mühlhäuser Weg 45–49 34519 Diemelsee-Flechtdorf Germany Tel. +49(0)5633 609-0 Fax +49(0)5633 609-666 e achin new m tive direc 42/EG 2006/ Easy Protection System (EPS): The foldable canopy. The foldable canopy that makes a lot of sense. Weidemann is a daughter company of Wacker Neuson SE, Munich. 02/2012 EN 1000259871 To implement such as system, a rigid and rather high frame was used in the past. These however make it impossible for the machine to pass through gates of under 2 metres in height. The 2006/42/EG machine directive requires the ROPS roll-over protective structure and the FOPS falling object protective structure to be installed on a machine. Some tasks have changed in agriculture. Safety has become more important. And Weidemann takes the lead in safety here. The Hoftracs ® from Weidemann combine necessity and safety in an economical way... which has helped them to conquer the market. They are the original. Handling heavy material like straw bales safely. Keep moving. And keep going through those low passages.

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Easy Protection System - 2

The Weidemann innovation: The foldable canopy with Easy Protection System (EPS). Creative technology combined with good thinking has come up with variable-height safety posts and an intelligent folding system. Low passages will no longer keep you out. The Easy Protection System (EPS) from Weidemann adds flexibility and safety to your Hoftrac® so you can operate in any environment. - The foldable Easy Protection System (EPS) is a regular canopy that rests on 4 safety posts of normal height, allowing operators to sit upright and comfortably. - The roof itself folds easily to the rear to bring...

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