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Concrete technology - 1

Concrete technology

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Concrete technology - 2

Concrete technology from Wacker Neuson – technology you can count on: 1. Concrete technology and consulting expertise – a unique combination. Wacker Neuson not only offers you a broad product range for concrete processing, but also comprehensive consultation services for your concrete projects. From the planning to the implementation on site. All around the world. The combination of technical expertise, consultation expertise and global sales network is globally unique. Concrete expertise to the last detail. 3. High quality and reliability – no matter what you have planned. We design,...

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Concrete technology - 3

The concrete specialists: Cooperative. Advisory. Professional. The world of construction relies on the expertise of Wacker Neuson. The engineers and application specialists at Wacker Neuson Concrete Specialists support you far beyond the sale of highquality and reliable concrete technology: For customers from the areas of precast concrete elements, formwork and plant engineering as well as large construction sites, we offer unique planning and consultation services, technical support and much more. We are there for you and your customers – worldwide. You'd be surprised how many concrete...

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Concrete technology - 4

Portable internal vibrator system. ACBe The ACBe (battery converter backpack) is the first portable high frequency internal vibrator system with battery drive worldwide. Due to this, concrete consolidation is made safer and more comfortable for the operator: • ll cables are plugged in directly to the ACBe, thus A keeping them from lying in the wet concrete • perator can move freely without being dependent on a O power source or having to pay attention to a cable lying on the ground • onverter integrated in the backpack guarantees a safe C protective low voltage of 34 volts • ess time...

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Concrete technology - 5

Internal vibrators for any requirement. Powerful internal vibrators are indispensable in consolidation. The Wacker Neuson equipment provide the best work results: with motors specially developed for application in fresh concrete, the durable and sturdy equipment compact extremely reliably and offer a high level of safety during any step of the work. • ndividually configurable flexible I shafts, vibratory heads and drives in various performance classes Functionality & operating comfort The Basic line for simple working comfort. Flexibility and economic efficiency that will convince you: The...

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Concrete technology - 6

The Premium line. Internal vibrators IREN and IRSEN. Even under tough conditions, these high-frequency internal vibrators will convince you with an all-round consistently high consolidation performance. ed, Design ped develo d oduce and pr y an in Germ • ntegrated thermal overload protection breaker I • ntire vibrator head body hardened E • ersions available with extremely durable, cured-on rubber cap, ideal for V protecting the formwork Everything integrated: the high frequency internal vibrator with converter and operator protection system Bodyguard. Internal vibrators IRFU and IRSE-FU....

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Concrete technology - 7

External vibrators. Whether for in-situ formwork or for light to heavy concrete component formwork, whether for use in precast factories, material transport or further industrial applications: Wacker Neuson offers over 40 powerful external vibrators with various speed and voltage versions. Our concrete specialists are happy to advise you so you can find the perfect solution for your project. They will help to make the right selection and with the sizing of the vibrators, for questions about the electric power supply and control technology as well as assembly and commissioning. In this way,...

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Concrete technology - 8

Electronic frequency converters. The pneumatic external vibrators of the PEV series are the first choice for long-term applications or a lack of a power connection. They are particularly durable and low-maintenance thanks to their simple and sturdy design. • models with different vibration frequencies and centrifugal 5 forces for lightweight to heavy formwork • s a standard includes quick release clamps and operator's A manual The frequency converters of the FUE series are distinguished by their light and compact design. Thanks to the aluminum design, they are easy to handle. They give...

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Concrete technology - 9

High-frequency converters. The FUH series offers innovative frequency converters with high frequency technology. This allows for particularly compact dimensions and an extremely low weight compared to electronic converters. These units are characterized by a reliable and sturdy current and voltage supply, even during continuous operation. The FUH series is available in three power classes and with up to 6 outlets. • Extremely lightweight, which makes it easy to transport • The large operating light allows for a quick function check at any time • The overload protection protects the...

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Concrete technology - 10

Technical data When processing concrete floors, our engine-driven vibratory wet screed takes care of three work steps in one. In the process, it is not only extremely practical, but also very easy to operate. It can easily be moved on the concrete with the lift handles, and thanks to the adjustable centrifugal force, it delivers first-class results on all types of concrete. • xtremely mobile machine concept E • asy to operate E • nclosed eccentric housing to protect E against dirt, concrete and splash water INTERNAL VIBRATOR SYSTEM Spread, strike off, compact: with the wet screed P35. ACBE...

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Concrete technology - 11

Double insulated universal motor Drive system Double insulated universal motor Air-cooled, single cylinder, four-cycle, Honda gasoline engine Output voltage Rated current Length of protective hose max. Vibrator head diameter Input / output voltage Input / output frequency Input / output current Power cable INTERNAL VIBRATOR Power cable Output current FREQUENCY CONVERTER FLEXIBLE SHAFT * also available with frequency adjustment with integrated converter SPECIFICATION Vibrator head diameter Effective consolidation diameter* Protective hose**/power cable FREQUENCY CONVERTER VIBRATOR HEADS **...

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