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20 Series - 1

Wheel loaders designed and built for the future. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

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20 Series - 2

Upholding peak performance. JOKER. Compact, agile and strong – and a telescoping version that reaches up to incredible heights. This is the way to succeed. The more you want powerful versatility, the more you’ll want a series 20 machine. These are winners that get the work done. Winners that are always on top of the job.

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20 Series - 3

Perceive, act, and harvest: Your productive way. Farming is on the move and inspiring people as never before ... - with yields that secure value - with performance that safeguards the future - with growth that offers opportunities. Optimising the interaction of agile minds with flexible machines and flexible routines creates a bond that takes us forward together. And that´s been so for more than 50 years. PROGRESS REAPS REWARDS: YIELDS THAT SECURE VALUE. THINKING AHEAD BRINGS MOTIVATION: PERFORMANCE THAT SAFEGUARDS THE FUTURE. CARRYING ON MAKES SENSE: WITH GROWTH THAT GENERATES OPPORTUNITY....

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20 Series - 4

Low built. High yield. LowPosition (LP) profile. LP, LP T From the roots into the future – ideas for today and tomorrow. What began as a helper in livestock buildings developed into the skid-steer loader and Weidemann Hoftrac ®, then growing into a large family of compactly built, articulated and extremely manoeuvrable machines. Impressive lift heights from a compact build. The cranked boom offers an extremely high load rating and extra rigidity that add to the precision of your work. Operator view of the raised attachment is always excellent. As such, filling high-sided trailers becomes...

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20 Series - 5

Combining many benefits: A “not-only-but-also“ instead of an “either-or“. 1 The joystick for robust and well-conceived machine control. Enjoy this ergonomic, handy and clear control for single-handed operation of direction of travel and all kinematics without fatigue. 2 Sunblind adjusts in steps. A relief when the sun is low, the sunblind provides effective protection from blinding and ensures an unobstructed view of the attachment and area of work. A detail that is vital for operator safety. 3 Maintenance, service, value retention. Buyers who opt for a Weidemann machine opt for high...

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20 Series - 6

We’ve thought of everything and designed from practical experience. Hoftrac – a success story. ® 2070  X C Customized machine configuration. Every Weidemann wheel loader is customized to your individual requirements. You select the engine, the type of cab, the tyres and attachments that suit your needs and wishes. Compact build and superior lift height – a forwardlooking connection. The high front window offers unhindered view of the raised boom. Side tilt, extra-class comfort cab. Featuring a hydraulically pre-controlled joystick, heating and ventilation as well as a fully suspended...

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20 Series - 7

A workplace that motivates: Comfort and performance, cause and effect. The massive and protruding rear weight gives protection from damage and provides a counterweight when handling heavy loads. The cantilever design with recessed taillights provides optimum protection to the entire rear end – especially in confined space. 1 Vibration-damped workplace. The machine absorbs vibrations and shock loads to protect your health and keep you relaxed and concentrating during those long hours of work. A Weidemann is more than just a machine. It is also a home from home for the operator. The 20 series...

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20 Series - 8

A tradition of safety: We don’t compromise on quality. Weidemann factors: 1 Crowding with plenty of power. Easy and confident handling via joystick. An idea that has always been true to itself. Your Weidemann is a specialist. It is made in Germany, in one of the most modern manufacturing plants in Europe. And now more than ever, it is what it always was – a multitalent that has grown up in an agricultural background. Practical, robust and durable. A helper you can depend on. That’s its product personality. And its quality. Low front end for unobstructed view of attachments. 2 Dumping...

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20 Series - 9

A modular concept system – always with an eye on the future. BRAND LOYALTY. “At Weidemann, one machine matches the other. And the entire family grows as we grow – to suit our changing needs. So it’s clear that I’ll be staying loyal to the brand.” G. Wilson, England Dairy and arable farmer Sure it‘s convenient. Simply drive up to the attachment, pick it up hydraulically without leaving the cab and lock / unlock while you watch. Work is so much easier now. The right match: Proven technology and extra power that is fun to operate and adapts perfectly. Agriculture is undergoing changes that...

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20 Series - 10

TECHNICAL DATA ENGINE SPECIFICATIONS Manufacturer “Energy takes effect.“ Engine type Cubic capacity Cooling system ELECTRIC SYSTEM Operating voltage WEIGHTS Operating weight (standard) Lift mast horizontal / machine is not articulated Lift mast horizontal / machine is articulated Lift mast horizontal / machine is not articulated Lift mast horizontal / machine is articulated Tipping load in bucket (ISO 8313) Tipping load on pallet fork (ISO 8313) MACHINE Ground speed Fuel tank capacity HYDRAULIC SYSTEM External services Oil flow Operating pressure Steering hydraulics Oil flow Operating...

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20 Series - 11

STANDARD SPECIFICATION Hydrostatic four-wheel drive 11.5/80 - 15.3 AS ET40 tyres incl. reversible rims 100 % diff lock in front and rear axles electro-hydraulic engagement Single-handed control with float position next to the seat on the right Pressureless return line Hydraulic connector DN10 at front Hydraulic quick–fit system for attachments Counter balance valves Fully hydraulic pivoting articulation Wipers on front and rear windows Full suspension comfort seat with seat belt Adjustable steering wheel Fuel gauge Hour meter German MOT expertise for road travel Battery cut-off switch...

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20 Series - 12

Operating weight Max. bucket tipping load Standard width Forward thinking yet strong on tradition. Delivering only the best – any time. High-quality powder coat finish. Aiming for quality that lasts. Viable for all. Honest quality through and through. High-quality material that is strong enough to always offer reserves. That‘s Weidemann. 24 _ 25 Some of the models listed and shown herein may not be available or approved for operation in individual countries. WEIDEMANN TRADITION

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