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SUPERIOR Early For over 125 years E.H. Wachs has manufactured the world’s finest portable pipe machining tools and valve exercisers. Specially designed for water and gas distribution system operators, our products are solidly built to help you maintain these systems, year after year, with greater efficiency and safety. ciser We design and build all our products to last a lifetime. E.H. Wachs is ISO 9001 certified, and reflecting our manufacturing excellence was named one of the “Ten Best Machine Shops” by American Machinist Magazine. Sold and supported worldwide, each and every product is...

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Wachs Today COMPLETE THE WACHS ADVANTAGE • Newest VITALS™ Software Today’s managers ask themselves: What’s the most important consideration when I purchase valve maintenance machines? Quality hardware, or state of the art software and controllers that talk with my existing water management system? Superior Hardware and Software The good news is with E.H. Wachs, you get the best of both. Our hardware is demonstrably superior – just see these machines in action and compare them side by side to the competition. Now ask your IT specialist to review the functionality, precision control and...

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E.H. Wachs offers the industry’s leading fully automated system of safely exercising valves that’s so unique, it’s patented. Wachs Intelligent Automation equipped tools are safer and easy to use, and is available on all our power truck or trailer mounted valve exercisers. Intelligent Automation Custom Data Fields E.H. Wachs combination of Intelligent Automation, VITALS™ software and the Recon controller offers users the most precise microprocessor control of valve operation ever invented. Here’s how it works: Wachs Intelligent Automation equipped machines contain the necessary motors and...

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Intelligent Automation Equipped Communicates with HC-100 and VITALS Mobile Syncs with VITALS Desktop E.H. Wachs has long been an innovator in the field of computerized data collection. An industry first, VITALS™ Mobile features the ability to synchronize with your desktop and provide data for GIS Systems. Residing on your system computer, VITALS Desktop enables the two way synchronizing between the field and office. With VITALS, you can import all your existing data labels and categories. There’s no forcing your existing data into static predefined fields, so it’s all very user friendly....

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Prior to the ERV-750™ extended reach valve turning systems were fragile and could not develop the necessary torque to free stuck valves. Competing products promise flexibility, but no matter how they spin it are fragile and prone to bucking. Pedestal Mount For powering a pickup truck mounted ERV-750, use our ™ HPU-750 or a PTO. There are four configurations to choose from: • Customer installed front bumper mount, where the entire truck bed is free for use. • Pedestal Mount, most space efficient of bed mounts, unit stows lengthwise along the bed sidewall • Bed Carriage Mount, allows unit to...

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Extended Reach Without Compromise • The ERV-750™ works equally well on either a truck or trailer, and its mounting options are virtually limitless. • The ERV-750 does not require the operator to physically hold it down on the valve. Patented Intelligent Automation With Intelligent Automation, only the minimum amount of torque necessary is applied, virtually eliminating valve breakage. It’s fully automated, so even inexperienced operators can quickly and safely free stuck and neglected valves. Using our industry leading VITALS software, users can obtain critical information on valve health,...

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Industry Leading Power and Intelligence If you have valves that are old, corroded and resist turning by ordinary exercisers, consider an E.H. Wachs TM-7™. Using our patented Intelligent Automation, it can apply up to a massive 2500 ft-lbs (3390 Nm) of torque. With a large variety of truck and trailer mounting options to choose from, the TM-7 is the ultimate in power operated valve operators. WACHS TM-7™ Ideal for larger, older systems Industry leading torque Newest design single drive Case hardened, torque accepting construction Multiple truck and trailer mount options Patented...

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Wachs HC-100 Controller Our HC-100 GPS handheld controller allows the user to stand clear of the keyway for safety. The operator can monitor the turning sequence on the VITALS™ Mobile screen in real time, while the HC-100 captures the information. • Durable hardened plastic in a shear-proof and shock-resistant design • Bluetooth wireless technology • GPS 2-5 meters accuracy • Optional Docking Station • Optional 3 yr protection plan Designed for Stubborn Valves Using a TM-7 to safely implement AWWA valve exercising procedures on large valves is easy, even for an inexperienced operator, as...

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Ultimate Power and Versatility Grand LX™ Features • Hydraulic Power Unit for Powering Additional Tools • Telescoping Valve Key • Excavating and Wash Down Wands The GRAND LX™ (Valve Maintenance Trailer) with the ERV-750™ and TM-7™ onboard is the industry leader in maintaining water distribution systems designed to transport all the valve maintenance and vacuum tools needed in the field. Built for years of reliable service, it’s the perfect solution for municipalities or contractors looking for a rugged, long lasting self contained system. • DOT approved lights • Compliant with NATM (National...

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GRAND LX SKID The GRAND LX Valve Maintenance Skid is a complete valve exercising system. Easily mounted to a flatbed truck, the system can be conveniently unloaded and stored when not performing a valve maintenance program. The frame is constructed of formed steel with a 3in tall main frame and integrated 8in fork slot tubes running full length. Most powerful system in industry with HD TM-7 rated to 2,500 ft. lb. of torque and the highly versatile ERV-750. Grand Skid Features • Wachs HD TM-7 valve exerciser • Wachs ERV-750 valve exerciser with HC-100 VITALs controller • Powerful power pack...

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